Making Herbal Incenses

Last Month, I look a class  on making  homemade herb incenses. I must say that I actually enjoyed it. I love going to classes that are very focused  on doing anything   hands on!  It was great to experience and I love how the feel of the energy which is why I have  decided to make them  for my shop.  One of the things I learned about herbs  is that its all about the experience itself to help me decide  which  herbs works best for me.   I  tend  to always go back to the spiritual store  and take the  opportunity to smell each herb that are in those  jars before I make my purchase. I have learned the smell of the herbs can really give me the feeling  of  whether it will work with my energy.  So any time I want  to try a new herb I take the time smell the scent to see if it flows with me before I make a purchase.

As  for making the incense, its all about visualizing and  selecting the herbs that you think will speak to you in whatever your  intention is for the incense, whether it will be  for love, prosperity, certain rituals etc..the  ideas  are  endless and that is what makes it fun because it really  gives you the  chance  to get all creative.  When I  did  my  class, I  made a good health incense.  I wanted  to be different.  In fact,  when I actually  burned my combination of herbs, it smelled like  a campfire with roasting  marshmallows!  I  actually was surprised by how I created that but was still smelled heavenly.

 Hand grinding and visualizing each of the herbs  intentions is they key component to making magical incense.  As you visualize your intentions, you will also  naturally send energy to the herbs you are  grinding at the moment.  It’s important to keep grinding until it feels right to you energy wise. Each  herb that you select needs to be grounded individually.  Putting all the  herbs together  and  grinding  it  all at once  doesn’t give the right energy.  It maybe quicker but it just doesn’t have the same energy flow to it as to giving care and attention to each  herb  you want to grind.   I  honesty love doing  these herb incenses because in the end of the process  I feel relaxed and I also feel I have  channeled the  right intentions into my work

This is what I have  ready for the shop so far,  Blessing Incense.   Blessing  incense  is great for honoring  your God, Goddess, or giving thanks to the universe so more blessings can  come your way.   You can  use  it for  rituals too as well as its got a nice way to raise  the energy of the room giving it  high vibrations, which can  be great  for doing any type of spiritual work.

 Now  these other incenses . I am still working on making sure its the right energy for the following  incense
Here is my prosperity sample,  I want to  see what other combinations are  like before I put it out.  I love creating everything I  do for my shop because its just so inspiring  to say this is it! This my scent or my signature scent ūüôā

Here is Love, but I  also want to add a different herb to see the difference before I bring it out… how I test it, is simply burning a sample of what i make before i bring out to the store…I like to make sure its giving out the right  vibrations when its burned.

These are a few samples  but I will continue to see what I  come up with. Be sure you are on  Facebook asi  will bring  in  sneak  peeks  on there as they get done. ūüôā


  1. Ana says:

    That is wonderful to hear that you learnt a new skill, and it's key that we use our intuition in everything as that brings us closer to ourselves. ūüôā I will look out for your herbal incenses as I love all herbs and natural remedies. Enjoy ūüôā

    Stopping by from the Blog Hope! Have a great week x A new follower too!

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    Thanks for the compliment… I totally agree with going with my intuition because I know better when i do follow my intuition, thank you so much for stopping by and being a new follower of my blog ūüôā

  3. Joelle Chan says:

    I have a very good nose to help e define things more to work with… it was my teacher told me to work with my nose to sell each herb to see if i like the scent and if I felt it work with me, she was right! So I ususally buy a small ounce to experiment and see what I come up with , eventually I have my favorites and I buy those in bulk when I know I use that herb more in my products, best thing is to test everything if you for a small fraction of the price to make sure its what I want in my items before I bring it out to my store

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