Love Thyself More

The Love Thyself More candle is a combination of self love and healing energies all into one candle. White wax in the candle creates a healing energy that helps heal ourselves. Sometimes we are just way too hard on ourselves that we can’t see how wonderful we are. In fact, we usually cant accept the beauty in our own self. The pink layer is for the self loving energy that we need to feel secure in our own self and see that we are just as important. In fact, our number priority should be taking care of our self first. While others might consider this as a selfish act, it is not true. Self love plays a important role in our daily lives. The more we love our self, the more we will understand who we truly are on the inside. When we can understand our own self then we can see more possibilities of what we really need in our life. This helps encourage us create what we want in our life.

When I first did this candle on myself I was a bit moody but I also came to the realization that I was hurting myself way too much and it was accepting the fact that I no longer needed to go there. After all, the past is the past, and if I want to change I needed to realize that I am in control of making these changes in myself. While it can be a bit intense for me, it actually lifts off the negative energy out my body. I tend to feel lighter and not worried about what others may think of me because in all honesty it really doesn’t matter. What matters is what I think and what I think is best for me in the choices that I make for myself. It is my life , and I can create what I want but I have to believe in myself first before I can manifest anything I want in my life. If I don’t believe in myself, how can others believe in me? How can others radiate to me if I don’t see my own inner beauty? The main thing is whenever I need that pick me up of loving my own self more, I jump right into lighting this candle for myself. Over the course of lighting this candle more, I have noticed that I am able to be more honest with myself. Hence, I am not moody anymore when I light this candle. I appreciate the healing and self loving energies doing the work for me. I love myself and believe in myself completely.

Treat yourself better every day. See your inner beauty, and love everything about who you are. Even if its hard to release some of the negativity and have faith in your own self , this candle can help bring out the best in you. After all you deserve it!
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