Love Renewal Spell Candle

Love Renewal Red and Black Ritual Spell Candle, Altar Candle, Spiritual Candle

Love Renewal Spell Candle is one of my newest  creations I have made in my shop. Since Etsy’s new policies with how they do metaphysical  items,  I  will be writing  out the idea  behind  new  items come out to my shop on here so you can  look it up for reference  or  make  comments or  questions through this post.   I am at the point where I am pretty much busy daily doing both   psychic readings and the shop, so making time for both has been  challenging but I love the busy lifestyle. Yes, that means I am not really on Facebook or twitter…  making time for it has  been  tough but I will update when  I can.   Regardless  here  is what this Love renewal is for.

This  candle has  two  layers, the first  layer  is  black and  in magic  black is  known to get remove blockages that are in the way  of  what you are truly wanting to  manifest.   Scented  with dragons blood, this infuses the  power to remove any  negativity pr the blockages of the  circumstance  you are currently  involved  in,  also there is  already some real dragons  blood resin mixed into this layer and  banishing  herbs infused in the top layer  of this candle.   The idea is to think about the blockages you  feel need to be removed at this time to clear the  path so you can open your path to love. This leads to the second  layer which is red and known to be the love layer. The layer is scented patchouli, cedarwood and exotic spices and dressed with love herbs. This is where you  used this layer to draw  the  love to you.  It can be a lost love where  you  recently  just  broke up and want to get  back together. Working  on getting back together can  be tricky so its always best to ask  the energy to open up  having  a  better relationship  or someone better when  casting  the spell. There are some  people who are determined that it has to be the  certain person  in mind and  from my experience unless that person  is on the same  wave length  as you  in energy,   it can be very difficult to manifest  the getting  back together. The truth is if its meant to be then  the energy will open up to fix  what is needed so you both can  start  fresh together.

You can also  use this candle to  remove  blockages that you have for yourself  and  bring  in new  love for yourself as well. Since  you are casting the spell on yourself, you may experience  some   mood swings   depending  on the  oil  you use  with the candle.  Recommended oils for  this candle in my shop  are the following:  Dragons BloodBanish,   Love and Romance. Any of those  combinations can work , you want  to  pick  one  oil  per layer.  Personally when I  do double layer candles I combine  two oils  and  rub it all over the candle the first time I light it.   Then  when I go back to relighting the candle, I use the oil picked  for the black layer and pour  some oil into the  black layer, then  just light it and again chant the prayer of what I am trying to remove. Once I  reach the  second  layer  of the candle I switch to the  other  oil I have  chosen and do the similar thing.I will chant the  positive things that I ant to happen when it comes to attracting  love into my  life.

When  chanting  your spell, I find it more effective to do the following. When  I first start off the  brand new candle, I asked for the general idea what I am trying to achieve with this candle. Lets  say I am   trying to get  back with someone… I would ask   for the universe to open up the  energy and  remove all blockages, fears and doubts that we have within ourselves. Then I would ask for the  love to  return in a  healthier state,  which includes  healthier  communication , mutual understanding  with each other. In fact, we connect  so well that we feel great when  we are  talking  to each other.   I would  go and  dive in and  explain the process of  how  wonderful it feels together  back together. What I dont  recommend is asking the person to fall in love with you…  honesty that never works in spells, I never seen results. Love takes  time to develop so remember it can not be rushed. When you are casting a love spell of  any kind, keep in mind a spell has steps to it. Obviously getting  back together means it takes time  to  rebuild the relationship and always ask for a better relationship! Don’t ask for  how things used to be when you were together. You want it to be better than it was in the past! Who doesn’t right?? 🙂  The idea is to live in the moment  and to have an improved  relationship in the present moment,  not relive your past relationship.

Let’s say my ex and I haven’t talked since the break up… Then this candle should be about  getting the communication back and getting to know each other  all over again…Don’t skip steps! Obviously, if I  haven’t  talked to the man ,  then this is what I need to ask for first. Let’s say I want the communication back, I would do this and say this in my prayer:  he always calls me and  makes excuses  to  talk to me. he can’t  get enough  of me and  tends to  finds ways to  communicate  with me! Every time we  talk, we  have great  conversations and its easy for us to chat about almost anything with ease.   See the difference?? You  want set your  intention as if its happening now, that  this is what is going to happen. Think of  it  is as steps for a candle.   Never ask for everything in one  candle… its too much! And the chance of good results is pretty slim if you are trying to ask for everything all at once. Remember  relationships take time to build, so if communication is the first step needed then ask  for  first. When the communication flows and you both are  comfortable with each other then I would do the next step, seeing each  other and  pick a candle you feel drawn to you for that specific purpose….

One  more thing to  keep  in mind… give the candle time!  Results take time to achieve and not in weeks or days. Sometimes  it can  take several  months,  so be patient and learn to be ok with how things are now. The more you can  accept  how things are for now and  refocus your energies  on  areas  in your life, you may actually find  the universe granting your wishes.


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