Landing in Another Treasury in October

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 This week I have been very busy with trying to get all my crafts done to  get ready to shoot my  pictures for the upcoming  Christmas  gifts I will be having for my Etsy store.  It has been rather hectic because I am doing so much that sometimes the day goes by so fast.   However, that  doesn’t mean I can’t take  from creating and  go into writing on my blog.  My plan was  to write this weekend  but  the weekend  is almost here  so I  might as  well   get a head start on things. ūüôā

 So this morning,  I  found  an email from Alexandra  that she  added  my sampler  candles to her treasury  list.  It really is  inspiration  to see that yet  again  these candles got selected for a treasury.  It’s the first time  the same item got  featured  twice  in treasuries for October.  I thought I show you  her  collection. She did a pretty collection for  Halloween here.  Alexandra  also has a store called Alexandra Rolfe Illustration  that you might be interested in especially if you like art work.  I like the animal illustration she has  in  her shop so take a look around and see if you like anything there  ūüôā   Here’s the  link for the treasury, if you want to check out other items at Etsy halloween-helpers
 In the mean time, don’t forget that I still have  these sampler  bags for sale. We are almost half way through the month so if you are thinking  of magical spell candles , spread the love with these  sampler  packs ūüôā Just go here to purchase them: Halloween Samplers  remember there are mini instructions and  everything  is  already generally dressed to give you a taste of  what the energy in each candle.
 I will be back with more updates later when I have  everything sorted out.  In the  mean time , have  a great weekend.  Sadly , its  raining and pouring here where  I live so I  think I will be staying home this weekend.   I  don’t like  going out in the rain  but  I do love how the rain  makes me feel relaxed when its pouring.   At least I get good sleep! My favorite  part is always when the rain clears. I always have to step out and  enjoy the fresh  clean air when the rain is done! I absolutely  love it!   I hope  everyone  has a great weekend. I will keep  you posted on things pretty soon.  ūüôā

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