Joie Joelle Storenvy Theme Update

Just wanted to update you on my shop at storenvy.  I  am really happy to hear that Storenvy  got a  new theme design going on called Copper. To be honest the current  theme worked for me, it was all right but I wouldnt say its my thing.  I can tell you  now I am loving this  theme more.  For a long time I have wanted all the  categories  on the left side bar like it is now.  This has really  got me motivated since the change!
I also  went with more modern earthen  tone in the background. While I went through different  backgrounds to change it up I realized that  keeping it simple and clean is more  my style.  I thought that triangles in the background were too light at first so I was trying to bring out the triangles out more. It didnt work lol, but thank god  it didnt, I think it would been  too distracting and taking the  the  focus off my store itself.
Anyways, this site is almost perfect, the only thing I wish they  did was add  variation pricing  like my Etsy store  has right now.  I hope they implement it  soon, that would  really help me run things  smoother.   I love the variation pricing and tagging it helps me keep everything  under one item and I think it clears out the confusion here on my items. For now,  because there is no  variation pricing I will just make sure I section off everything  in the  right categories.  Also I will also be updating some of the descriptions of my items it might take a while though as that is alot of items to get through but its worth it.
 I have  learned that no shop is  perfect anyways but I sure try my best to keep my shop fresh  as much as possible. In the mean time I  have been  creating more items and new candles too, so can’t wait  to share the news with you  on the new stuff coming up when I get things  sorted out. ūüôā   
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