Joie Joelle Creations


 I am
currently opening a new store called Joie Joelle Creations. This shop
will be specializing in creating spell candles, spiritual bath salts,
magical oils etc. I don’t call myself a witch but more as a spiritualist
that is exploring what magical items I can create for the higher good. I
want to be able bring in the energy to help manifest the positive in
our lives. I am actually excited about doing this because it has always
been my passion to bring items that I make that all people can enjoy. I
want to be able to bring the healing energies to the people around the
world. We live in a world full of stressful situations but we also have
to find a balance in ourselves so we can continue to feel confident,
self loving and positive about our own life.

I hope you find my products positive and uplifting to enjoy. Remember
all products are great for everyone to enjoy, you don’t need to be all
spiritual to enjoy them! Many blessings to everyone!

Click on this  link to go to my shop now :     Joie Joelle Creations

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