Its time for Halloween!

Halloween is going to be here soon and I decided to celebrate it!  It took me some time to decide what bags I wanted to use as I actually love anything that is cute. So when I saw these bags I just had to have it.  I was trying to theme up the  candles  in  relationship to  Halloween  colors so that is why I chose  the  following  candles  in my packs.

 So first up we have  my Sample packs. I love these because they are great for   putting in treat tags  or if you just want to give  a little bit away  during the spirit of Halloween. you may either  take the standard  pack of having one of each candle  Healing , Money draw and Transformation candles. Or you can have your pick of those 3 candles. For example  if you  like  to have  3 money candles  instead, you may make that request by simply putting a comment of letting me know that is what you would like instead.  Just make sure  you have a total of  three  candles. Remember you can mix and match.

The  next one is a Mini bag of candles. Its in a bigger bag  but this time you are receiving two double mini Color candles one  Money Success  Candle,   one  Transformation Candle and  one white  Clearing Candle.  All three candles are great giving you that lift,  really try the clearing candle it really does clear any negative  energies around you making you feel lighter and more positive.  As much as  we want to avoid facing our true self, the transformation  candles makes  us really dig deep within our own soul   to  find our own inner peace. Working on our own self is the way forward  to feeling good about who we are! That is what the transformation candle does.  Since its the mini  version it wont kick your butt as bad as the Original Transformation candle.  You’ll be  surprised what  stuff comes out of your system when you  light the transformation candle. That’s why its in the Halloween bag,  just to give you a  little spook about yourself.   Finally,  Money Success   candle,  I  chose this one because its colors makes me think of  Pumpkin for Halloween.  But on the serious side,  this candle  does bring in the money even more. I use this candle quite   often…  I always light the  original size   candles and  then I  follow up with these mini   candles  to keep the energy going when I just need a burst of energy.   Money Success candles are my favorite candles, keeps my business going strong and  brings in the  money needed when I need it the most ūüôā

Since we are on the subject of samplers and  mini candles, I just want to also remind you I am part of a few  sample boxes  this September.  I have donated to the following  companies with my sampler candles.  You can purchase a  box from these lovely companies to get surprise  samples including my  sample candles.   There are the following sites to visit if you are interested in sampler boxes that I am in:   The Little Black boxes ( has my peace candles, sent 50 for 50 boxes),  My Dream Sample Box  
(20 love thyself candles, 20 boxes)  Out of the Box Sampler  (100 Love thyself, 100 boxes) and  finally Sampler Village (50 transformation, 50 money success total for 100 boxes)   Please support handmade products by visiting  these  sites. 

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