Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Do you remember the  movie  “The Secret”?  That’s  one of the most inspiring  movies I have seen in the spiritual sense and  it was also  what made me want to learn Law of Attraction in the first place. I figure  if there was some truth in  Law of Attraction. However, watching The Secret movie  was not the key to manifesting what I wanted  in  life. For the last 3 years  I have read  a lot of  books related  and  used the  techniques in these  books  to  get to where  I am  today.  I know at first I thought Law of attraction was  just a phrase and  like others I also wondered if it actually  really worked. In fact I didn’t think it worked for me , until I took a more serious study on  it. Does Law of Attraction really work?  The short answer is YES.  Are  you  going to get your big  results in a matter  of weeks?  The answer is  most likely no because that  would not be  realistic to begin with.  What  you will discover is  what you truly  believe  affects the  reality you are living now.  Remember everyday, we live in the now but moment we live in is also a result of a  belief system we have in ourselves. It may sound silly at  first, (because I did think this LOA was  silly 3 years ago)  but once you  really learn the techniques of Law of Attraction, you can  manifest what you want and sometimes you get even more than what  you  wish for which is even a bigger blessing  in disguise!

If  you have no idea how Law  of Attraction  works and need a basic  starting  point then  The Secret   is the best  book. I didn’t  start with this book  first because I wasn’t sure if it was  just a fluke. Now I wish I did. By the  time I read this book,  I realized that this book  gave all the basics  of  how to start  your journey.  It talks about the thinking  progress and the visualizing  in more depth than the actually Secret movie. While it  does teach the vision board technique I am not one to use it. However, I do like how it teaches us to think different in a more positive way.


Once  you get to the point of reading how it works,  it really does  break down the  process of how to get  to where you need to be.  When  you understand the basics of how it works then this book  divides  it into sections  of how  to manifest money,  relationships, or health which are the  basic stuff that we most likely want to improve on. Its not only the techniques that are given which I enjoy reading but I do love how it explains the importance of feeling  good about ourselves.  The more we appreciate what we have now, the more we can  get to  where have  more of what we want. Feeling  good is  really one  of key elements to manifesting and over time I even remind myself every morning I am having a  great day! It does  wonders  for your soul and self esteem to  feel great about who you are as you will learn you  attract  better things in life over time. I know there are  going to be naysayers about the Law of Attraction, heck I was one of them myself many years ago too! But that seriously all changed when I finally  took the time to learn what was needed  using The Secret!  These days, manifesting with Law of Attraction has become a ritual for me and it has transformed me to be a  better and happy person over time. I love  every moment  of my  life and while there are negative things that happen, I am also  able to let  those negative energies roll off my back and say tomorrow  is a better day!


The Secret book is definitely worth the  investment  if you are serious about getting started and need to learn to build a  foundation on how to work law of attraction.  For the record,  if you can  be consistent with the practices in  this book  even for a good  30 days,  I  know you will be able to see some results.  I also know that it takes a few months for  real transformations  to begin for  most us, so do keep  in mind you may need to do these  techniques for 3-6 months  for more  even better results. Its going  to take time to build  your  life  the way you want it ,  but even  in my experience  I can tell you  it took me  3 years to get to where I need to be.   In the end I never gave up on The Secret. What I ended up doing was picking the exercises I knew  I could do  every day.  For me, it was  about  writing  about  how it felt to have what I wanted as if it was happening now.  Today, its about   chanting the good things in my life every day. Each day I am chanting how abundant I am and how my  business  is growing.  I also  talk about how  wonderful people are to me on a daily basis  both the clients and my personal life, how I build great  relationships with each  person that is most important to me. As each month  comes to close,  I can see I manifesting or changing things better in the areas  of my life.   I  encourage you to study the law of attraction if you haven’t  already. While it will take  practice, it is worth the long term investment for a life changing experience.

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