Introducing Love Bath Salts

  Hi Everyone,
    A new addition to my shop will be adding  bath  salts! I have worked hard to create   these love baths to get the right energy into them where you can  get the  positive lift  in your life just by  being  in the  bath  for a bit.  I love these bath salts I created because not only do you get that nice loving energy around you that feels great but  you get a nice positive and happy feeling.  I know  that when I use these  bath salts it takes away  some of the negativity that is attached to my body.  In fact I can actually feel the lift after I get out of my bath.

So what are in these bath salts?   I used dead  sea salts in here mixed  with  pure  essential oils of Ylang Ylang,  Palmarosa, Rose Absolute,  Patchouli, and Geranium.  Then  once its all  scented,  I also add organic  herbs of Lavender,  Rose and  Lemon balm  into the mix.  There is a bit  of  dendritic salt to help keep the  scent lasting for quite some time. What I love about these bath salts is the fact when I  smell them I  can already feel the positive energy around me.  The idea of  these bath salts are help us feel the love all around us and be open to more love in all forms.   After all love  can be in  different forms not just in relationships but even friends and  family… It also  can help  lift off any negativity  that is attached to your body… helping you be  more open to the positive loving energy around  you that  you have been  trying to have.  Most importantly,  I love the fact that there is a touch of happiness energy in it. 

Since we are on the topic of bath salts. Here are a few tips  for these  salts.  I find its best to take a shower  first.  Or bath ( if you prefer)  without these  bath salts of course.  You want to scrub everything off your body.  It’s nice   to have a cleansed body before you do   these bath salts.  I actually find it more effective.  Then  what I do is  set my bath  tub and put  some   of these bath salts in there. You don’t need much but I like a bit more so I put about  3-4 tablespoons in the running bath water.   However, its important to make sure you are not adding  anything else in there other than these salts after all you want to get that positive lift going and we don’t need other added chemicals in the water.    If you prefer  not to get  herbs all over your bath tub  then add  the salts in a cheese cloth first.and  toss then in to the  running water.  Once your bath is ready  , have a clear  mind set and visaulize  the loving energy coming to you.  Soak your entire body  into the bath ( I also do my head and hair too)  for at least 15 minutes.  Depending on how you feel I would stay in there as long as it felt right. Sometimes it only takes me 15 minutes  and other times I can do it around 30-45  minutes. but that’s because I feeling the energy of the  water and letting it do the work!

Because  we are attracting  love to come in our life in all  forms this is something that  you don’t want it rinse off .  All you need to do is  get out of your spiritual bath when you  are done and  dry off with a towel. That is it.  This why I  suggested for  to take a shower  first.  I find it makes a difference for my own self. I prefer it actually, because I tend to feel I am absorbing  more postive energy doing it this way.  Beisdes when we are trying   to attract things that are positive in our life ,  we want to leave that energy on us.  The only time we need to rinse  anything off  when doing spiritual  baths is when we are removing something   from  our body.  But this is not the case with love salts. After all we arent removing love from  our life, lol ( heaven’ s no) we want it in our life.! Of course, its not say you can’t rinse it off, if it bothers  you to  have it on your skin then of course you can rinse. You will still absorb some loving energy regardless.

I will have thee bath salts  up my shop  today…  all I need to do is update the decriptions and it will be up.  Give it a shot you will love the positive energy that it gives off.

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