If I Wasn’t Psychic…


If I wasn’t Psychic,  I say I be a Flutist.  Gosh  every time I look back my flute, I  think of all the wonderful memories I had  in  being in the band. I don’t care if I was called a band geek either. It was just nice to be part of the world of music.   I remember working so hard to work  prove to  people I could  play the  flute. People didn’t believe I had the talent back then but it was my  passion and love for this  instrument that kept me going to where it defined me for who I am today.  Granted it took me a few years to get to  make it first chair, I was always proud of being able to play the instrument. It was the one class I look forward to doing.

I even loved marching  band and I wished my dad would have drove to me UCLA for the audition when they requested my presence. I pretty sure I would have had the  shot to make into their prestigious band as  because when I sent my audition tapes I was able to get called  into auditions. Not only to UCLA but even  the Southern California orchestra even requested my presence My  private flute teacher was so  proud of me too. The reason  I completely stopped that dream was because my  father didn’t  approve of me  being  a music major lol… because to him music was not a job,  but to me I love the  playing music. I felt connected to the universe just playing or practicing my music. I will say that music heals my heart and soul. Any time i was frustrated I would play my instrument and it would take it away. When my  flute broke, I  actually overhauled it twice and what made it amazing was people  commented on my talent more.

My dad still talks about it to this dad how he regretted the decision that he did. he was the type that didn’t support my flute playing. I forgive him its ok… if anything I think my  biggest achievement was able to play at my brother’s piano recital  with his piano teacher as a duet. I loved it and  even though I did it as a favor and was an intermission, it was so nice   how everyone came up to my  parents and chatted about me to them.  I think just that  event  opened my father’s eyes as he didn’t realize how  talented I was.

 Would I invest in playing the flute again? Sure would… I plan on investing  in getting another  flute one day this time a professional flute, something I wanted.  Would a pursue a career out of it? Probably not! but  It’s sure  nice to play it and receive  healing energy from it.  Have you do anything and wish you could relive it again or  wish you made that dream come true?  What is it? What are your thoughts?


  1. meowshirl says:

    I didn't know you are a flutist ūüôā Now, I am pursuing my music lol .. even I'm a late-starter .. hey, I am really enjoyed to play violin, something I am really proud of myself (thank you to my spirit guide!) , and I am so surprised that I can play some old Suzuki repertoires (still Book 1) once a while, .. However, the biggiest achievement I done so far – able to do sight-reading. It took many months for me to get there. .. I tried hand-on Dizi. Quite difficult to blow. Next time I will buy D key medium flute, (well if there is a SALE) For practicing to blow hahaha For easy to master, I feel the recorder seems the best windwood instrument.

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    awww that is great I absolutely love hearing the violin, its a beautiful instrument… i find people are so talented playing any instrument… yes i am flutist I love playing the flute it hits my heart and soul ūüôā So keep up the practice, really it will pay off in the end ūüôā

  3. Megan Petersen says:

    It's great that you have musical memories that you can draw back on. That is one of my main regrets, that I never learned to play an instrument. Hopefully I'll rectify it sometime in the future. ūüôā

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