How To Use Happiness Spell Candle

Its been a while since I created  something new for my shop but after getting almost everything organized I am slowly getting  back into the rhythm  of  things with my shop.  So this time , I  took on  a  customer  requests  in making a brand new  candle.  This time I made a   Happiness Pillar Candle to add to my collection.  The  idea  of this candle  to bring  joy and happiness into your life.   Customers have been requesting  me to make a candle to help uplift their  mood.  Most of the time its hard  to focus on the positive  or  even manifest  positive outcomes when we are  not  feeling our best. So this candle  should help give release any stress  or enhance your moods.

The happiness candle  is made of soy wax and  it’s a citrus like scent of bergamot and grapefruit.  I love the  scent  because when  you want to clear  any  negative thoughts  or feelings using  citrus  or  fruity  scents  are  a great to  get rid  of  the negative  energy.  Because this was  customer request idea,  I actually thought about what  makes  this candle more effective.  When  you get a happiness candle, what  you want to do  is envision feeling  good. I know it can  be tough to  even envision the  idea  of feeling  good while you are  feeling a  bit down, but its still possible. The  key to this is  adding  some happiness  oil to the candle since the happiness  oil at my store  is highly effective and it does have a citrus  essential oils  in the mix. The rest of the additional spell oil can  be worn  on your skin it’s a  great to wear because it  does immediately  remove  the  negativity,  you can feel the effects immediately.  Also adding the happiness  oil  to your essential oil diffuser is a good way to keep the positive happy energy going  on throughout the home.


If you want to get  creative in using the Happiness candle with essential oils you might want to invest in citrus like scents.  Good  choices include, Orange ( my favorite),  Bergamot, Lemon,  or Lime.  To add a stronger touch  of healing put peppermint or  eucalyptus. Simply add  a few drops  of essential  oil  to the candle ( any combination works, its all about your own preference) and   then rub the  oils all over the candle.  Start asking for a calmer state of mind and  may you feel  with more  joy and happiness along the way then light the candle. Since this  consider a  candle that helps improve your mind, its best  for you to stay in the  room while the candle  is active. This is because you will be able to  enjoy the  effects  of  magic  around you and as the scent fills up the room  you should  feel the difference.

Happiness spell kits are  also available. Each kit will come with two votive candles. ½ oz. of happiness spell oil and  ½ oz. happiness incense. While the same idea is applied, the incense is great  for  the entire home. Just burn it  around the home  to get a  positive vibe  and it will simply give you a nice wake up feeling  to start your  day  better.   This happiness kit  and the happiness pillar  candle  are limited supply as I have only made a small amount. Be sure to  grab one  before they are gone.

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