How To Manifest Psychic Predictions


Have  you ever  gotten a  psychic reading?  Do you  ever question  why  psychic predictions don’t seem  to manifest?  As  a psychic  medium I have  done  countless  readings  over the past 25 years and have seen clients feeling frustrated  by predictions not coming to pass.  However,  when  it comes to  getting a  psychic reading,  the purpose  of  the reading is to help  a client  have  clear  options so they  can make  well informed  decisions of what  works  best for them. Most clients  think  psychic  readings are  about just making   predictions ,  getting the  details of what will happen  in  future   but that is  far from what  real professional  psychics  really do.   A psychic  reading  is also  about  getting  trusted  advice from  your  advisor.  And its important look at the advice given and decide for yourself  if  it is fitting to your needs  of the situation  you have asked  about.


Today, I am hear to  explain to you  what it means when you get a  psychic  reading  with me.  When  it  comes  to psychic readings  its not the  latest  details that are   important to me when I read a client  but the  understanding what  a client needs to work on to make   a prediction happen. Let me  be clear what a psychic reading is not. It is not about  getting the latest  physical description of  your soulmate  and when you are  meeting the.  It’s also not about asking your psychic to tell you what job you are going  to be doing nor  is it about  them telling you  what career  path you should take.   Clients who do this are generally not ready to  grow  or  learn now to change their life.  In most  cases they are  just waiting things to happen and not take an active part in to be part of the solution. I know it sounds  crazy but   lets  give  look how a prediction does  not  come true.

Lets just say  a psychic gives you a physical description and timing with who you will meet next.  You may ask what he/she for a living? Have been married? Do they have  kids? How tall they are?  How  old are they?  and finally when  you will meet them. Sounds  good right? Only when  you don’t meet  them  exactly as they  described  and around that time frame you become disappointed and feel they are scam  to begin with. Well let me be  honest  with you here. Real psychics do NOT  read  like that. Most of  us  ( including me )  do not waste your time and energy to jump through hoops  to these details. We are more concerned about  the  well being  of your self growth.  There I said it and  maybe that is hard to accept but if you’re needing to have these  types of descriptions of the perfect  guy or woman then I might as well be honest with you that  you are most likely not looking for  real love. Since  being  in love  goes much  deeper than just being attracted to them. Sure  you  have  to be attracted to him , I agree that is something that is needed to  keep the relationship alive but relationships are a two way street and it requires both partners to work at it. That being said I can tell you from experience  that getting these  kinds of  descriptions are not going to help you. In fact in most  cases these  kinds of predictions rarely come true.


So what  does come true in a psychic reading? Well if we  go back to finding your soulmate, its much better to get a  description of their personality,  their quirks and  most importantly how they treat you in the long run.  And when you find that person,  then its about learning  how to get along with them and how to grow with them.  In fact,  you are much better off doing it this way because the one habit you will  break is looking  for the  physical description of the guy or girl you suppose  to be with.   That drives me crazy since  most clients are trying too hard to make something like that happen and the reality is  trying too hard like that never  gives you the best results. A honest  psychic will not lead you  down the road  like that no will they fluff up  descriptions to boost  your ego. In fact, any  time I get  nailed  on a rating  and a client  says I am vague, its simply because they are  looking for  fluff and it pains me   to  always have to say “I am sorry,I don’t get a  physical description or time frame. However, I can offer  the personality and  other  traits that you will encounter. I also do not want you  to be going out there trying to look for them this way.” As hard as it is for a client to hear this,  I rather be upfront and honest then to give you a fairy tale about all these details that are not as important as the person they are  deep down inside when you finally meet them.


  I  may not be the front  page reader  on Kasamba,  but  I don’t have to be  as I have  a vast amount of clients I have worked with  over the years. One  of the  things I do  best  is  reading tarot cards.  The start of reading is usually   a tarot card reading  and I  read each card to the client with just  grabbing the  messages off the cards. From there, spirit takes over and I  start light trancing   messages  coming from my  guides. One of the things I do  best  is give the  exact steps   that  need  to be taken by a client   in order for  a prediction to happen.  Predictions  don’t happen  because  we predict  them, it is   up to client to  take the necessary  steps  to reach that   outcome  naturally. Here’s a good example  I will share with you.


Recently this month, I have  earned an  Excellent  review from a  client below.


“She can be trusted!!! All of her predictions have always come to pass! Been talking with her for 10 yrs!!! She is straightforward and will tell you the truth….even if it’s not want u want to hear! That’s only because she is authentic and TRULY CARES!!! Trust me, I have learned the HARD WAY by dismissing her insight, advice and predictions!!! I’ll never make that mistake again!!!! If you don’t want fluff…but someone who is a genuine, gifted psychic, then she is your girl!!!! 100% hands down the absolute best on here!!!!!!! And I’ve spoke to many over the years!!!!!!! Many blessings and hugs to all!!! 🙂 Love and light!  – urmysunshine31 Apr 5 2017”


Let me tell you, this was a  client who  would come to me  every now and then  to get a reading   but  a lot of  what I shared with her was  the same news over and over. I always gave the good  and bad  news of a relationship. I think the hardest  part  as a psychic is tell  a client that if they don’t change the way they  do things then the result  is the same  no matter what. The thing is as client,  if you  do not make changes, you do not get results that you want. Most  clients will do the  absolute  opposite of what is suggested. They  don’t  tell me about it.  I mean even   this current one wouldn’t tell me everything until the  very end where  she realize that she can’t  force  someone to love her.   The end result was   no matter how many times,  I said leave that relationship, she  hung in there to try to prove me  wrong! Of course,   I also mentioned that eventually  if  she  kept dancing  with  this man, their relationship  would  come  to end  regardless.   The  bottom line was  she  pretty much  dug herself a  deep hole that the relationship ended in a nasty way.    In the end she returned to me,  and  now she is following  guidance and   getting  the results she  is  looking for. It might have taken a good 10 years to get some kind of feedback like this but at the same time she has come to a realization to  not go against advice and to take the steps  necessary to  achieve a better outcome for herself. That being  said she is much happier and not full of  misery  and she  feels more empowered and even understands that she is the one makes the ultimate choices in her life. As she follows  the  advice given gradually she  sees  things falling into  place and  in the end she understands what  life really has to offer for her as well.


If you are going to get a psychic reading, here are a few tips:


  1. Be ready to own up to the responsibility of how  things got to where they are.  Something just doesn’t happen. If you are asking  about a person and why their  behavior is so different,  be ready to own up to the fact that you may actually  have allowed them to  act the way they do now. We often don’t realize how we react to things.   Be more conscious  of now to react to what is going on in your life.
  2. Be ready to take steps  to make  changes as suggested.  If  you are not open  to do necessary changes, then a  psychic  reading wont be  worth the  investment to begin with. I  certainly am about  improving someone’s self’s growth as that is what make psychic readings more effective.
  3. Predictions don’t just happen. They happen because you decided to take control and no longer  want to  keep doing  the  same thing to yourself.
  4. Learn to break behavior. We all have  our  quirks and we all have our own issues. Learn be honest in seeing  your true self  and  put your best effort  in  making those changes in  your behavior.
  5. Don’t expect results in a matter of weeks. Lets be realistic,  this isn’t about you making a change  for a  few weeks in hopes that someone will get the hint! Yeah  those never go well, if you are going to be like that the honest truth is you don’t really want to improve  yourself for the better.  A lot of clients  do this to me, they want miracles and think if they do these changes for a few weeks the results should happen. Quite honesty, it took time  for things to be the way they are now, so don’t expect instant results in a matter of weeks.
  6. Don’t ask for a timing when you have yet to start the work on your end.   I will say timing only comes to me naturally when my client has invested  some real work on  making changes. This means it could take a few  months  for a  real shift to happen in your life.  That is the real truth,  I rather be honest  than give a  false timing.  I have always said I cant give a  timing until a client  is consistent  in their  efforts of making  their changes.

Take   my advice, if  you are  looking to make  a  prediction happen,  understand you have the  power to make  it happen. It  always starts with you. You are  the power.  You have control  and its only when start taking advice on a consistent basis that you are  one step closer to getting  the  results you are  looking   for.

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    • Joyce says:

      Letting go is not easy to do. People are afraid to let go because they think its about losing someone or something when in reality it only means to let go of the detachment of the unhealthy behaviors and habits to the person or situation they are dealing with.

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