How To Manifest Love

Can you  manifest a specific person when it comes to love?  The  simple answer is YES!  While people who have been  doing law of attraction debate on  this fact saying it may not be possible, I can  speak from experience  that  you can  manifest the  one you  set your  eyes  on.   But doing this is difficult.   Some people think its  impossible  and others may  call it as the only way this happens is if you manipulate  things in a certain way then the  person may come back. People seem  to want  guarantees  that   manifesting  love works ,  and  it does! Deep down   in your  soul, do you  believe it or is it just wishful thinking??   Learning to  define  the  difference  there will help set you on a better  course  to help you manifest that specific  person to come to  you.

If you haven’t read the Secret, I would  still recommend you  do to so.  Its sets the  foundation  of how to work law of attraction.  Recently, I  wrote an Article on  Is the Law of Attraction Real?  This article will help understand what The  Secret has to offer if you are completely new to working  Law of Attraction in your  life.  In the meantime, if you understand the basics of Law of Attraction and need help in manifesting  love in your life  then  I highly recommend this  book called Manifesting Love This book sets the foundation on  how to attract someone  into your  life that includes  someone  you have  eyes  set  on.  Even if you  want  to have  an  ex  back, there  is a section  dedicated  to just doing that and the  ideas  to get you started ion how to manifest  your  lover back.

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This  book covers  10 chapters that are easy to read and the  book is short  so it could be read in a day if  you want to. The  beauty about this  book is it’s a great reference  in the end and can  be reread to remind yourself of the steps you need to improve on to make  manifest love easier and more effective for your own life. Here are the chapters  the book covers:

  1. Chapter 1- Building Blocks for Using the law of attraction for love- Whether you know  how to use Law of Attraction or not,  don’t skip this chapter, this is a great  book that helps you understand how thoughts become things. She  gives great examples of how to manifest your ideas  into reality.
  2. Chapter 2-The Power of Your Words- your words are powerful ,  sure saying it once wont manifest things right away. But the constant  phrases you  repeat  do shape the  life you have. Whether  you believe me or not , I can tell you what you  repeat  to yourself is what you believe  deep inside. Here’s an example “ He/she never contacts me first.”  The reality is if you keep  saying that,   and he/she doesn’t contact  you… well its what you believe is true and guess what? Most likely you are  checking  up on them first anyways. Deny it  if you want to,  the  truth is  you don’t  believe they will ever contact  you first anyways… so it doesn’t  happen, even if  they did you probably  blow it off  and said yeah that  was a one time deal… I totally  understand  I have been there  myself but  I can tell you  from experience I don’t even think   like this anymore. I can get  a  person  to contact me,  trust me… this chapter  helps  you understand how powerful your words have  effect  on  your situation.
  3. Chapter 3-How your Feelings can help you manifest a Specific Person- This chapter  has to do with how to feel about the situation.  Its not  good enough to think  positively and hope for the best. What brings it together is how you feel  when you are with them ( even if  you don’t have them in life currently).  Embracing these positive emotions are important because when you feel good about what you want you transmit that energy out there to bring you the result you are looking for.
  4. Chapter 4- Creating the Relationship you want- this chapter is great explaining in visualizing the relationship. A lot of times we just like the idea of being with that person. Have you visualized what your relationship will be like once you are with them? Creating that imagery  is so important because the more you believe in your visualizing the  closer you are to manifesting the exact relationship  you want with the specific person.
  5. Chapter 5 -Using Oneness For Immediate Results-  This  is  one of my favorite chapters as it talks about  everything  is energy and how to be connected with  the energy to give you the quickest results.  It goes to show  you that create what you want as quickly as possible.
  6. Chapter 6- Making Visualizing Work for You- If you have hard time  visualizing  what you want , this chapter is great. Sometimes we are just afraid to ask for what we want , and when we are afraid we also cant really imagine exactly what we want to create in our  This chapter gives you some techniques to help improve in this area.
  7. Chapter 7- The Secret to [easyazon_link identifier=”B00AGKV59Y” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”psycjoel0f-20″ cart=”y” popups=”y”]Manifesting Love[/easyazon_link] With a Specific Person- When people say you can’t manifest  the person you set  your eyes on, that couldn’t be  any more false! I have  done it time and  time again with who I was  totally interested.  And its not as complicated  as  it really is.  This chapter will  give you tips in how to attract that one  person you really want to be at the moment.
  8. Chapter 8- How To Use Heart Energy To Manifest a Specific Person- This might sound  silly but you have to be open with a very loving energy in  manifesting that specific person you want in you life. Its not always easy to do especially if you see obstacles right in front of you. This  chapter  helps you overcome things  so you can send  the loving  energy to them for them to come to you naturally.
  9. Chapter9- Why this is all about You- This chapter is about who you are and why you are doing what you are doing when you manifest. We can always want what we want  but  what is the  true purpose  you are doing  this for yourself?
  10. Chapter 10- Essential Tactics To Get Your Ex Back-  This  chapter covers how to attract your ex back.  If you been trying to  figure out how to attract that person  back into your life, this is a great concept. Just remember not only do you  need to keep these tips  in mind  but the rest of the chapters are  just as  important to master into to  bring him/her back to you.

Regardless how you want to go about in [easyazon_link identifier=”B00AGKV59Y” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”psycjoel0f-20″ cart=”y” popups=”y”]manifesting love[/easyazon_link]. This is one best law of Attraction books on love that breaks its down  for a very simply read.  I used this book so many times as a references that is simply does work.   If you been wanting to learn how to work love into your life effective using  law of attraction this  is a must read book to add to your collection.

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