How To Get Rid of Hiccups

Last night, I had  the hiccups really bad out of no where.  Being that it was  1:00am, the only  remedy I knew that  usually works for me to to swallow  a spoon full of sugar.  Now, I am thinking   of Mary Poppins lol.  I’m   love that song by the way.  Anyways,  I didn’t want to have some sugar this late of the night.  So I finally  decided to Google  on  hiccups and I found this article  on  Squidoo. Basically, right after the  hiccup, I  need  to exhale and inhale where I am holding my breath. Then  swallow that air  slowly.   I must admit when I read the article, I  thought it was  too simple  for it to work.  The result  ended being it actually  worked.  The first two times  I did this technique it wasn’t going away  but that was because I was laughing at  the concept while I  was doing it. But  I must admit when I took it seriously,  it started to  slowing  go away.  I will say it took me 3  attempts to get this  down… but it was gone.   This is technique really amazed me.  Now, I  can remember to this the next time  have  hiccups. I just thought I share this   link with you because it worked for me. And Yes, I stole the little bear picture, he was so cute I just had to have him, I love cute bears ūüôā   So tell me, what other techniques have  you tried to get rid of hiccups? has it worked for you?  How often do you get hiccups?  Here’s the link for the technique: How To get Rid of Your Hiccups


  1. Kira says:

    I will try that next time! I always do a spoonful of peanut butter. It always works, but I tend to get hiccups right before bed and I never want to eat peanut butter just after brushing my teeth ūüôā

    • Joelle Chan says:

      I was the same, because I alraedy brushed my teeth and did not want to have sugar… its late already at that itme lol… but yes I totally understand, thanks for sharing peanut butter, I heard that actually works ūüôā

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