How To Activate Your Rose Spell Candle


I am going to teach you to activate  your Rose Aromatherapy Candle.  I  always find the scent  of a candle will give me an  idea  of  what kind of candle  I want to turn it into and this is why I love being picky about what scent goes with what  candle. Well the  Rose candle is one of the most  amazing  scented candles I have every made in my shop. Literally, it really does smell like the a  garden of  fresh roses! A rose, we usually  symbolize this as love or romance. So with that idea  we are going to turn this candle into a Love spell. I also decided to add real rose herbs and some  lemon balm as well in the pillar candle because this helps attract more successful results.

Many  of customers have used this candle in various  ways so  here are a few  oils  you  may want to consider when you purchase this candle.

  1. Love Oil–  this would the  general oil for all  love purposes. You would be usually bring the loving energy around you whether you are attracting love  in general, or attract a specific person. This is a good oil to use.
  2. Romance Oil– this oil is especially designed to bring  romance to the relationship. Its considered  a good attraction love oil
  3. Passion Oil– Need to spice up the sex life?   This is the oil I recommend.
  4. Healing Oil– when a relationship needs to be mended this oil is recommended especially if tension is in the air.
  5. Dragon Blood– While Dragon blood oil is knowing to remove blockages or negative energies,  its purpose is to maximize the strength of the candle or spell being


Recommended  combinations-  these are combinations that customers have used to get effective  results.

  1. Romance/Love- Using both  oils  helps bring  in a relationship. If you been trying to  find  love for yourself this is great. If you have been trying to bring  someone closer to  you this is also beneficial.
  2. Passion/Love- If you are  lacking intimacy  in your  relationship this will  bring in that sexual desire and  intimacy you are  looking for. Plus the passion oil is highly strong and effective.
  3. Love/healing- this one of most  effective  combinations when  you feel your  relationship is stuck or  not moving along. If you have  quarreled  this can help  release the tension and have that communication to be    It also has worked  effectively to  end things mutually without the tension being  involved.
  4. Dragon blood- this alone  is highly effective removing walls and  blockages when applied to candle.  Its very effective to add this oil last after you add other oils as it empowers the candle even more,. You  will just have to use it, there’s such a difference in energy, I always feel  like  this oil makes as it helps  move things a bit


Oil Applying trick- Every time you are relighting the candle add the oils again rubbing it all over the candle before you  light them. It keeps the energy building if you  do it this way.

The Writing- you could  say a prayer and  light the candle after you select  a few oils but you know  if you want to  get into specifics of your manifesting, the writing  is a crucial part in   helping you move this along more.  Take the time and get a piece of  paper and a pen and then here are some ideas to get you started. If there is one thing I suggest the most, pick one thing  to write  about and stick with  it!  Too many people ask for everything  all at once on candle and to be honest, its not as effective. Having a clear focus on one idea will get you a lot further. In fact, you will most likely remember what you asked  for versus when you ask for a  brunch of things. This will help you have a more organized thought and that is  important because you want your  intentions to be clear as possible.

  1. Attracting Love- If you are asking about getting a new love in your life-  this is the  fun part. You should be writing the  qualities your next partner has and  the  hobbies you enjoy together.  Make it fun and exciting. Talk about the personality he/she has. How do you meet? If you want  to  be descriptive in looks  you can  but understand that maybe all the qualities will not be  present,  pick the best  physical features to emphasize instead.  It will work a lot better. Most of the time when we write out these qualities, we start understanding the necessities of what our partner needs to possess and the rest is optional ( would be nice to have but  not necessary). The idea is write about who they are, their best traits and  maybe where you will meet them.  Just do this much. Do  not go overboard… Keep it simple.
  2. Attracting Someone Specific-  If  you haven’t dated yet, use this time to write about how your dating life would be  Does he/she   contact you? How often?  Does he/she come up with ideas to do together?  How are your conversations like?  Do  you want them to be smitten with you? How do you react  to their advances?  Are you  both flirty and  playful with each other.? Write a story about  how fun it is to date each other.
  3. Reconnecting relationships- This one is probably one of the hardest things to write. As much as you would like to say he/she  is at fault  and that they should fix it,  it is much better  to be honest with your own flaws as well. The best way  to write this is  talk about one main issue that you want to fix and in feel good about it. Envision getting along together, and how the conversations  Most my  clients who do this find  it better   to write about letting go of the issue and  going with the flow, trusting that universe will make the opportunity to resolve the issue on its own rather than write  a whole story how it  should be handled. By letting the universe in, miracles happen faster… letting go  is the best way to have better results.  I often recommend you ask for a better relationship and  not go back to  when it used to be better.  Its always better to say to have something better because when we are in relationships, growth  is important for a relationships to be stronger and healthier.

Once  you  have  finished your writing, you can put the paper  under the candle and   burn it along with the candle. Or another  way I recommend is keep the  paper and  every time you have to light the candle read  this intention  out loud before you light it. On the  day you know  you are going to  finish the candle burning, put the paper  underneath the candle after you have read it for one last time. The light the candle and let the candle burn all the way down along with the paper beneath it.

Ready to attract love? Try the candle here.

Ready to attract love? Try the candle here.



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