Honey spell jar kit

Two weeks, I mentioned that I took a Honey jar spell class. This was actually fun to make. The idea of the having a honey spell jar is attract all that positive in your life. Since honey is sweet , we use honey to sweeten our life so to speak. Inside the honey jar there are stones, magical oil, herbs, a petition paper of what you want to attract into your life and of course honey is poured into the jar as well.

Once the honey jar is completed we close it all up and we light the candle on top of the jar and let the candle burn all the way down. It’s important to note that any candle can be used to light on top of the jar. It means you can use votives, tapers, soy based candles or of course beeswax candles. I prefer my beeswax candles since both honey and beeswax are made from bees which gives the unison of energy there.

The idea is to get the candle wax all over the honey jar. In order to do that, you keep lighting the candle on top of the jar. Now , the way I was taught was to build energy with this form of spell work so the for the first week its important to burn one candle each day for the entire week to get it started then for the next 3 weeks you need to decide whether you want to burn 3-4 candles for the week… this is where you go by what feels right to you.

How long does the jar lasts? It can last for as long as you want them. When you think the jar is done and you have gotten pretty much the results you needed out of the jar then it is time to toss it away.

I thought I just share with you that this is another project on the side that I am working on and making recipes for my honey jars for my shop so they will be probably out next year. Right now I am in the developing stages in trying these honey jars out on myself. So far its been week one and I can tell you i can see a small boost in my business from doing the jar, so this is a good sign. It’s important to know that if you decide to do honey spell jars that you must be consistent with lighting the candles for at good whole month at least. That’s a lot of Candles to burn. But in all , it will help you attract what you want in life. I will  give more details later once I have figured out how to work the spell jars for my shop.  

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