High John Conqueror Root Magic Spell Candle Tips!

This  is absolutely  one of my favorite  items I use  in my my work ~ High John the Conqueror Root.  What  makes  it special  is the fact that  it has the  power to  help you succeed in everything that you want to accomplish. It doesnt matter how  deep the  problem it is  in your life. This  root will  find its way to resolve the issue, removing the  blockages that are needed so you can be more successful in achieving  your desire.  I  absolutely love it  because I know that any time I use this root, the magic works. So what are ways you can  use this root?  I find  that it works great in candle magic and creating spell oils.  Sometimes I replace  this root in my  hand rolled candles rather  than using energy stones.  This   gives  it a nice  big boost of energy  into the candle.But today, I am covering  how to do glass candle magic with this root.   Another way  burn in a candle is using  this root in those tall  glass candles.  Whether you are using Santeria glass candles or  Angel glass candles ( you can find these candles in Walmart, local grocery store etc…)  be sure to add the root to  the candle.  Here is the  most simplest way to  glass  candle magic follow the steps below:

1. Decide what spell you are casting (money, love, healing etc…)

2. Pick the  candle  color that you feel more drawn to for your magic when you go get the glass candle.  If you  have no idea  what color to use when  picking the candle  follow this color chart 

3. When you get these candles,  make sure its  clean. If there is  dirt in the candle its best to wish out the  dirty either with  soap and water or plain water works,  dry with towel or you can let it air dry on its own.  Just make sure  all the  dirt is cleaned out. Remember these are manufactured candles so they are bound to collect dirt some  how.

4. Poke  holes into your candle. At least 3 holes, more if you like. When you are  poking holes into your candle, be sure to make the  hole as deep as possible as far as you can do this way when we add oil it goes more into the candle. Also when you are poking the holes in the candle, be sure you are thinking of your intention  for this candle in terms of what you want this candle to do.

 5.  Have 1  High John Conqueror ready, ( if its a big root try to chop it up in 2 or 3 pieces. Kind of tough to do but you can do it. Otherwise 1 medium root, or 2-3 small roots  in the candle)Need to buy some? Be sure to visit my shop  for these

6. Meditate the the root, visualize what you want this root to do.  Removing blockages?  Getting successful results? Whatever it is,  be sure you tell the root its goal here… place root  into the candle

7.  Next add appropriate spell oils and  fill it up as much as you want  to light the candle you are making. If you don’t have spell oil,  you can use a simple  cooking  oil like Olive oil. For more  refined oils I like sweet  almond  oil, or grapeseed oil  as substitute oil bases for spells.

8.  Now light the candle. You can either  burn this candle all the way down  which would  take a few days  or burning  or you can stop the candle and get  back to lighting when you are ready to do so. Remember where is no wrong way  with when to light or relight. go with your own  beliefs.

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