Healing With Ho’oponopono Chanting


It’s been a while since I have been keeping up with my blog, but  I am back again. Sorry for the long pause in  between, with my shop becoming busier,  finding the  time to manage everything seems challenging as it is. Although, I am grateful  for  what I have been able to achieve  through my shop  and being able to meet wonderful people through out the process.

Today, I wanted to share with you the  Ho’oponopono  chant  when it comes to healing yourself.  I have been working on healing my own self as I  have discovered in order to manifest the things I want in life, I need to be able to heal my own  self  so I can  move forward. I  discovered this when I was  reading more manifesting  books last year and its probably one of the best techinques that I have come  across. It has helped me  be the person I am today so I  do hope this  little wisdom can help you.

Often,  people ask me how can you let go and  forgive for the events that have happened  to us. We often  bottle  up all the  these pent up emotions and  if you are like me I  just dont  like to mention things to people because I  dont want to hurt peoples feelings.   I  know when people are sensitive and  most of the  time I let them be and pray they discover  their own path and  figure out things for themselves. But  what I  really discovered is healing  yourself is the first thing you  must do to  remove blockages  from your own self. You must release  the energy  that is attached to any  negative event you are attached to. Once you are able to do that, it becomes easier to manifest what you want in life, which also goes along with working with the Law of Attraction more effectively.

So here the things you need for this:
 A note pad
 A pen
and quiet time alone.  This  stuff is  private so you should have your own space

Now any time you feel you have a pent up emotions,  or are upset or sad,  disapponted and cant seem to let go of the emotions coming to you,  find a  chance to do a time out for yourself.  When you can have the  peace and quiet to yourself,  take your notepad and pen and  write  out everything you are feeling right then and there.  Also dig deeper if you , if you are still feeling there are things bothering you from the past write it out… You’ll be surprised how clear you will remember things as if it was yesterday  but wow that could have been 5-10 years ago.  No matter what is, write it down even if it means you are writing  pages of stuff its ok to do that… this is the time for you to heal so let it out.

Once you feel there is absolutely  nothing  else to write at that time,  go back from the beginning and  read the first emotional event you wrote to yourself. Feel the all the emotions surfacing for that event, it may  be painful or even unbearable ( its suppose to be, its never easy to feel the pain) then say the phrase  I am sorry, I forgive you, and I love you, Thank you.  Do this for each event that wrote on your paper, until the list is done.  You might need a tissue box as you do this  simply because  tears  will flow as  you work through own issues.  The reason for doing this exercise is,  you need to love yourself. Simply put even if its an  negative or even traumatic event there is negative energy attached to our body that makes us remember these events  clearly. In order to heal and let go, this exercise helps you   disconnect from that negative energy.  It also helps  forgive yourself and  even your own spirit because  who knows, maybe your own spiritual self was contracted  to  bring this lesson to you so you could learn and grow from it.  Of  course, when you are done with the list, simply toss the paper away.  Remember every now and then go back to this exercise when you are not feeling your best! It’s important because as you continue  to do this for yourself you will find yourself  manifesting  more successfully.

Another thing I discovered with writing these types of lists,  its usually different issues that surface up  and not exact same events that I  write. So its really nice to see that As I am forgive them, I forgive myself for being involved in such events. Hopefully, this exercise helps those of you who are willing to give this a go. For me , this has been life changing so I hoping this will help those of you who have been trying to find a simple  solution in letting go.  May  doing this  exercise bring more peace and  balance  into your life.  Please let me know your thoughts on this and if you have  done this  or just tried it for yourself,  did it help you?? what was  your experience in doing this exercise?

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