Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone!   Goodness another year has gone by and it feels like  it just flew by.  I wanted to thank all my fans who have supported me  for what I do  for my shop at Joie Joelle.  I couldnt have done it without  every one’s support so I  really  appreciate everyone ūüôā

As I started out the New year, I took the time to reflect the things  I have accomplished   from last year.   I  actually accomplished  2   major things  that I wanted to do.  One was  doing  reaching  50 sales on Etsy which I did  a total of 64 sales in the half a year. I am so ecstatic about this because I know it takes time to make  sales. It  is an accomplishment for myself to be able to go over that many sales. . Being able to sell this much  in my shop shows me that I do have something of value and it continues  to help me be inspired by the work I do. It’s truly a blessing of what I have done  with the store.

Another realization I noticed is that I have lost 60 pounds and my goal was 50 pounds last year.  I exceeded my expectations of what  I truly wanted to accomplish..  I am so  grateful  for that because I feel great and I have more energy to  more things in life.  Many people couldn’t recognize me  until they took a second  look. With  my weight loss and  new hair style I looked really different from what people  were used to.

So for this new year, its about  getting down another  30 pounds at least I want to be able to do that for myself ,  if I do that I think will be close to where  I was  in  high school, So its my aim to get to where I need to be  in  maintaining  a  healthy life style.  I will also write  up an article  in how lost  so much weight and give everyone a few pointers in how I did it.  Although I have to say, I feel that I have accomplished a lot  last year so it makes me feel good how much  I have grown. I feel like a new person  in so many ways that I can’t imagine  just stopping myself like I did in the past. Instead it feels good to be the new me and I am going to keep carrying   on in what I am doing for myself as I am seeing that  I have finally turn things around in a positive way for me .

In the  meantime, I wanted to thank all my  everyone  for their support so just letting you know when you  visit my  Etsy shop I have  moved  all  the holiday items to the Special section, Also all holiday  items have been reduced to 25% off  so get them while they are  there. I will be clearing out the holiday stuff. To sweeten the deal here take an extra 15% off  my products for  this month  only.  Enter Code  JAN2013 when  you check out with  your items  on Etsy. Offer on the coupon expires 1/31/2013 at midnight PST … so come on by  and  start  your   New year off with a bang! ūüôā


  1. Porsha Deun says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!

    Congrats on the weight loss!!! That is so awesome to go beyond your goal! I am restarting my weight loss journey now and will be blogging about it all the way through. I subscribed and am looking forward to ready about how your were so successful. I would love to do a feature on you about your weight loss on my blog if you are interested.

    Porsha Deun

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    hey Porsha,
    Thanks I worked really hard on that weight loss I will email you for the details in being featured, you have a lovely blog as always ūüôā

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