Good Health Candle

 It took me some time to  actually invent the Good Health candle  I have up for sale.   The  inspiration comes  from  how  I have  lost weight. I have nearly lost  60 pounds now and   have actually kept it off! But of course I still want to  lose more weight and keep going   on strong. Then this  actually gave me the idea to make the Good Health candle. The  main concept of this candle is to start with the getting the self motivation you need to having a healthier  lifestyle. Without the motivation from your own self, it can be a challenge to change what you need to change  in order to  succeed. This is why  red wax is the first layer.  Without  motivation and strength within yourself it can be quite
difficult to get you where you need to be therefore  I make that motivation and  strength in our own self is the core of this candle.  It  gives you that push to get yourself going to make changes  in your own self.  Then  with the green wax I decided to make it where you are more aware of your own self in what you are doing . It helps you  make  better choices in  maintaining a healthier lifestyle  for yourself.   This can be anything , it could  what you are eating , or  just getting the feeling that you need to be more active.   If you are asking me  to dress the candle, its best to let me know what it is that  you think you need to change about yourself to stay healthier.  The truth is we know what we need to do, but sometimes  we need that added push to  get  ourselves started.

 As  always, I  test every candle on my self before I bring them out.   I can tell you from lighting this candle that I have been more focused on  being more conscious of myself in what I am eating.   I am more aware  of the amount that I eating. It has actually made me look at food  differently and  heck when I do eat I  just eat enough.   If I feel I can’t finish something I just put it away and save it for later. I also  do get motivated to continue my working out. As odd as this sounds, I used to work out  Monday through  Thursday  but instead if I miss a  day here  and there I would make it up during the rest of the week some how. I used to make excuses but  if it means I have time on the weekend I will workout on the weekend… needless to say  this candle  has really worked for me so if you are interested in  giving it a shot try it because it could just be  that you need to do  something different and get a different energy going to help you get a go on things for a healthier life style.  Good Health Candle

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