God Story of the Week

I thought  this week I saw two God stories with you. What is a God story?   A God story is when we focus  on something positive  that has happened for the week.   Many times, we  focus on so much negative  that we don’t  see the positive that happens to us.  So to  counter act  the negativity I have trained myself to see   the positive things that happen to me each week.  At the end of each week, I make a habit to see the positive  stuff that I have done or the way the universe has helped me. It actually keeps me happy and positive each and every day to think about what the Universe has done to help me each week.  So here are my  stories  for the week ūüôā

 Last week,  I was   doing more candle samplers for another company, but I decided to put it on hold  to take a break.  Then I realized that my friend’s birthday was coming up! I didn’t have much  time   to get her anything  so i decided why not make her a few of my candles for her as a gift. So In a  go making her money candles  and  both the full version and mini  sets ūüôā   Then I tried to schedule the USPS to pick it up on Thursday because I didn’t want it to be late  for her birthday… but then I found out but it wouldn’t let me schedule it. Not on Thursday, it had to be Friday. I was not pleased. Well I scheduled it on Friday   and put a  note saying  please pick it up on Thursday…. and it didn’t work that way. The mailman decided not to pick up the  package at my door… yes my mailbox is right next to the  package… and they ignore packages  that are like right in their face lol.

 Anyways  I decided to just  have it on Friday pick up on priority. And Of course, I was thinking it be late for her birthday. Well,  again I need to thank St.Christopher because I did ask him to please make this package  arrive on her birthday and  he did his job!   Go Christopher!  August 20  is my friends  birthday and she was  stoked how she  got a package on her actual day!  I thought it was pretty neat  how  the universe made it happen for me ūüôā I guess I started off on a roll for a Monday ūüôā

 Another story I wanted to share was  this laptop back pack I got at  Costco. When I went to Costco two weeks ago, with my friend Katrine,  she convinced me to get this backpack  for my brother. In fact, she  told me to  get it for him for Christmas.  I should have listened to go my gut feeling on this. While it was a good idea  to give  him this  laptop backpack, I just keep feeling that my brother didn’t need it. I don’t know why I got that feeling  but then when I brought this back pack my  dad kept telling me to return it because  we don’t know if he really needs it. I do know he has a laptop he carries  with him  to work when  he is out of town  so I thought this item would help  him. Well my dad  called up today to tell me to  return the back pack because my brother dropped  his laptop on the floor twice and it no longer works.   I also found out my  brother is not in a hurry  to  get a replacement laptop any time soon. So I don’t want to give  him a  gift that he can’t use.  Now the problem is that I did not have  a Costco Card  to  go back and return it. I would have to ask my friend Katrine to come  with me. I don’t want to inconvenience  her. But with a stoke a luck, she  called me and asked  if I wanted to go to Costco  with her on Tuesday.  So of course I said yes! Good timing too! Now I can   return this backpack with ease!  Totally awesome how spirit made  this work for me.

 These are my God stories this week.   Do you have any  stories to share that just happened  recently? If so what are they??       

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