God Story #3

This past Saturday  I went to Michael’s to get  some glitter  so I could get ready for the holidays.  Michael’s is closer to me than Blick Art. I don’t like driving  to downtown. It’s just a pain in the butt to look for parking too. However, what Blick excels at is knowledge and pricing but yet again I was too lazy to drive down there.  So on Saturday I went to Michael’s and I discovered the glitter was expensive for what they were offering.   I also  asked one of the associates a question in how to work glitter, like if there was a special glue,  but she had absolutely no clue. I did come across Martha Stewart glitter which I loved because I thought the  colors were beautiful but for the price it was expensive.  So after all that debating I told myself another time! I decided all I was going to do was buy this huge laundry bag ūüôā Well out came a 50% coupon for one item of my choice starting on Sunday! I decided I might as well get a sampler set the next day. I also decided to research at home to make sure I knew what kind of glue to buy for the glitter.

So the next morning, I went to Michael’s and decided the first thing to do was to get back to the Martha Stewart section and grab a  one of the sampler glitters. Except that there was one  problem where I got there. I couldn’t use the coupon because now Martha Stewart had a 25% off on glitter including the sampler glitters, LOL.. man I didn’t know what to do but after much debate with my guide David he told me to buy the colors in bigger bottles that I would use rather than to buy a sampler glitters and not even use half those colors. It made the most sense but then again David always  seems to knocks sense into me very easily.  Hence, I picked 5 colors of glitter: Sugar cube,  sour apple, garnet, blue raspberry, and yellow barite. Then of course I brought one more because my guide David wanted  this one Aquamarine crystal color.  I guess that makes  it 6 total.   As far as the 50% coupon I brought the pod modge glue that goes with the glitter which was the most expensive item in the cart. I did get a few brushes too but I was pretty stoked about getting things on sale.  The total of everything was $36, without the sale I would have to spend around $50 . Pretty excited that I saved some money there!  Thank you Universe for  giving me a sale.  Spirit made it happen so I am grateful to have  gotten a good discount so I could prep for the holidays on my Etsy shop.

Stay tuned for another God story soon.  If you have a God story  to share feel free to put it in the comments section ūüôā

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