Get Recharged With The Sleep Collection

After  catching up with my orders, I have been working on expanding my aromatherapy  in shop.  So this week I am talking about the  sleep collection.   This sleep  collection is  great for those of you that need a better nights  rest. I know with today’s  stressful lives it can be tough to relax  especially with so much on  our mind and  just how we always  have so much to do that there seems to never been enough time in the day to complete  it all.  Regardless, we need to recharge  our  batteries after all we are only human. Hence, its why I have been wanting to do  this sleep therapy for some.  Most of the   entire collection is  scented with Lavender and Vanilla which I love.The spell oil is the only one scented that way. I personally like to  create my own spell oils because of the  fact if I am blending  it , it sends the energy to the bottle effectively.    After testing the  spell oil on the candle, I have found that the combination of even a votive candle and sleep oil to be very relaxing.  You can really feel the energy behind the candle.   But that doesn’t mean that   you have to  burn candles to get   the effect out of it.

 I recommend the  room spray  or the  perfume  roll on as well.  When it comes to the room spray, I recommend  spraying  it on to the pillow and bedsheets and wait a  bit  for it dry then  go to bed. I  absolutely love doing it this way as  it relaxes my  body and  makes me fall asleep even  faster. I find that I wake up feeling even more refreshed  from using it.

 If you are  not  into the sprays  then the  perfume roll on bottle might just be just want you  may like. This  perfume bottle  has no alcohol and  is blended with coconut  fractionated coconut oil and  jojoba  oil which  gives a  nice smooth and silk feel to it when you roll it on to your skin.   Best places  to  put  the  sleep  perfume is  on your wrists,  behind the ears, and also around the neck.  I encourage  you to try  this new line I have developed. Let me know  what you thoughts are about the  product  below ūüôā

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