Get Creative With Casting Spells

After over  a year of opening up  my store, I have  discovered that I do  have a creative  side to things even though  back then I thought creative meant  more of an Art like drawing  or painting. But I soon realize that being creative  in even  spell casting is even more fun and  magical.  So here I am  to share something really important with you when you cast your own spells. Be creative! That’s right.  What does that mean?  It means to go with the flow and  learn to  trust your own self  in  selecting the right magical items for your  situation. Often, I have found customers asking me to  recommend which candles work best for their situation. And  while,  I can recommend items that work best from my view point, I have discovered that when I tell customers to pick what they keep been drawn to it works best.  It’s funny  how that works, but  it has been  very effective.

The reason why its best to pick your own stuff even if I  may not know why you chose those items in my store is because some how the universe is  leading you to do them. Your spirit  guides might be even  giving you the nudge  that they want to work that specific item, so trust your intuition when you pick up a magical  items. Casting Spells is all about using your own feeling in what you think works best.  It’s just like me making custom  candles. I don’t have a specific recipe for each candle. I don’t measure every  herb or  how much oi to put into the candle either. Rather, I know when the energy is set that I just begin making the candle and I feel the energy shifting in my hands as I send energy into a candle… Hence, i just flow with the creation of the candle which is why no candle has the exact  amount of herbs  or oils…

So  when you do your spell casting, just feel out the energy for yourself. you may not understand why  you get the items you do at first. you may not even know how you are  going perform your own magic… But when you put your  mind in a relaxed  state of mind, you will find yourself feeling the energy in such a positive way that you will  surprise  yourself that you have the natural ability to  cast your own magic without much  instruction. Spell casting is simple, and fun! the more you enjoy what your are casting, the more the magic will work for you. So get creative!  Mix and match your magical items and trust the universe in helping you with your magical needs!

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