Feburary Valentine Sampler box

Sampler boxes are so much fun to get! I always  get a regular sampler box for turning in 100 samples from Out of the box Sampler but part of the reason I do  the 100 samples  is because I actually like to see what is out there that other people make. I also like to see what other packaging  ideas there are that people do. Regardless,  I enjoy   all the samples I get every time.  For this month Out of the box Sampler decided  to use a tote bag  for their bodacious  sampler box which I thought was really neat!  Their bigger box is awesome  because   you are guarantee to get every sampler from everyone that is donating for the month.  I tend to  buy the biggest box for myself and have Michelle mail out my free regular sampler  box to a friend   just to brighten  up some one’s day. I like putting a smile on people’s faces 🙂

 In this valentine’s box, I got  62 samples.  I ended up receiving.  lotions , soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, candle tarts, candles, perfume, a car freshener,  dog treats ( which I gave to my dog danger already), earrings, and even magnets. I am sure there so  much more  but I just need to look at things one at a time. Some places have coupon codes to use too which is neat but I  don’t mind paying for the full price of their products! So much love and effort goes into their products  that I see it when I look at  every one’s stuff in the boxes.

Did I mention my  favorite part of the biggest box is the FOOD!!!!! yes I get to try  all sorts of the food too, i feel like a kid at a candy store when I see my food bag. I haLabelsven’t tired everything yet but so far my favorites that I eaten are Ken’s Airy  Crunch Peanut Brittle  ( which is the best I have had, so I have already marked them on Etsy for future purchases), and  Antoillier Chocolates sent Spicy Mexican Toffee ( which I  have already made them a favorite too on Etsy) No the toffee wasnt spicy and I am not a huge toffee fan but the way this was mixed  with chocolate tasted  amazing … Its   not  super sweet which is what I like, I am the Semi sweet chocolate gal so this actually works for me. I can eat sweet  but wow I loved the balance of this  and will be purchasing  from them later!

On the  upside  to sampler boxes, I  donate so people can see what I make. this has actually helped me get discovered more  about what I do. So  I do feel its worth doing these sampler boxes because i do get people that come to from there and let me know they found me through Out of the box  Sampler.   So its also good for promotional advertising 🙂

Next month  Out of the box  sampler  having an extra  treat box in addition to their regular sampler boxes. I can’t wait! It’s  all about Food for that box so I will be getting one of those next month and be showing you what’s in them!


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    yes its the same team from ETSY, you should try it out we are going to be having a Easter HUNT soon and I have gotten sales from it too 😉 That's how i knew about them too Michelle found me and invited me to their team. It's been working for me to my put my business out there 🙂 Give it a try even if its 25 samples a month it pays off. and yes a good consistency helps for people looking forward to your stuff 🙂

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