Feburary Giveaway: Eternal Love Pillar Candle

Eternal Love Red Spell Pillar Candle for strengthening love bonds,  passionate love, bewitchment, sexual intimacy

This month  I decided to run a Giveaway  since Valentine’s Day is coming  up!  You  are going  to win a  Eternal Love Spell Candle  with a sample of my passion oil to help bring the  love  of someone special close to you!  So fitting  for Valentine’s Day right?? ūüôā   The candle  itself leans forward  though, just you are aware but it should still  be fine for burning  purposes.  Other than that, its packed with the magical herbs  you need to work your magic.

Couple of changes to the  giveaway:  Facebook has become strict with  giveaways.  So to be fair as  possible, the  following options are created. You can share the giveaway once  on  Facebook… but Facebook no longer allows likes as entries for giveaways. Its understandable as  likes are suppose to be  genuine fans and not for entries. Entries will be shared on Facebook once and you can tweet additional entries through twitter to get into the giveaway. You may subscribe to my newsletter if you are really interested in getting updates and have as a free entry every time. But if you opt out after the giveaway end,  I will  disqualify you for future entries to any other giveaways I  run in the future.   Please understand the  giveaway entries are to reflect fairness for any prize in my shop.

This  giveaway is good for  world wide,  so anyone can  enter.  Please play fair,  the winners  entry will be checked.   Not filling out  the  form correctly, will result  disqualification of  winning the prize and I  will  select another winner.  Winner  also must respond within 48  hours  of  contact to receive a prize. Fail to respond in a timely manner will also mean I need to select another winner  to receive the prize.

 If  you have any questions,  please let me know.  Good Luck!

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