Enhance Your Tarot Card Readings With These Simple Tips

I am not the  biggest  fan  of tarot ,  maybe its because I find it  takes me a bit longer to  interpret  tarot cards. I love spirit  messaging  more  because I find that  spirit messages  seem to get the  most important  messages out  to my clients first. For the most part, I find  tarot can  fill in some missing  information  in  my readings  so  that is why I have my tarot cards on hand  during sessions, just in case I need to check my work for a bit.  But if  you’re using  tarot  cards, here  is a  few  pointers that I want to share  with  you to help you  enhance  your  experience with  the the tarot decks you have on hand.

1. Choosing  Tarot Deck –  Go with what feel is right to you.  Personally, I love going in metaphysical  stores that  have open decks because  it gives me a sense if that deck will work with me.  It  is ok if you  are stronger with  certain  images. If you  are more attracted to  fairies then get a fairy Deck, if you  like  animals  or wolves go with that deck more. I personally  found  that Angel decks and Medieval style decks  work best for me.  I seem to pick up on  the cards  faster with those styles than any  other style. I don’t  usually steer away from  those styles unless I just buying  a tarot as a collection and have no real intention of using  it.  If I can’t find open decks to look at, I usually go to a bookstore and  use my  dominant  hand  to hold an unopened tarot deck.   I actually  let my hand feel the energy of this deck,  if  my hand doesn’t  let it go and I keep  going back to it  that is usually a sign that this is the deck for me.

2. Now that you have your chosen your deck, its time to  bless your tarot cards with your energy. I recommend you touch each one your  cards and  envision  your energy connecting each card . You are attuning your energy to them  and its important that  you start forming a  bond  with your cards. Once you have done  this you could go ahead and start playing the cards  but I also recommend the  follow step:  get a  cloth  bag  for  tarot  cards like you see in at metaphysical stores.  Then  get some sea  salt, pour it in your  hand  (enough for you to hold  a good amount sea salt). Visualize the sea salt  cleansing  the  cards every time it goes  into the the tarot bag ( or ask the sea salt to do this).  Make sure the sea salt’s energy feels right to you before you put  the salt into the cloth bag  Once you have done this,  add the Sea salt into the cloth bag and throw the  cards into  the  bag too and give  it a shake around. Visualize the  white light going through the cards and cleansing it will do for your deck.  Once  you have done this, your tarot cards are  ready to go! Good practice is to actually  keep the salt  in the bag and every time you are done with your tarot deck to place it in  tarot bag and give it a shake until you feel the  cards  are cleansed for another time.  This helps promote a good positive energy in the cards and helps you work with the cards better.  I find the cards feel better and attuned to me when I work my cards this way.

3. Decide  who this deck is for. Is this deck for you? Or is it for you to read to others. As silly as it sounds,  I recommend you  keep a separate deck for yourself only and one deck for you to  read other  people. The reason why is  you get better and clearer readings on people  when that tarot deck is strictly  for   them. You also don’t want your  energies mixing with  their energies in the same deck.  That is how tarot cards actually start losing energy at times. It is also why its harder  to read  for ourselves too because we are using  the same deck as our clients. It causes more confusion and readings  start getting hazy and messages through the cards are harder to  interpret.  Having your  deck that you connect for your own self is better. I love having my  open personal deck which  means its special and I make sure  it is for my eyes only.  I let no one see that deck but  me and  it builds a  much stronger connection in  reading for myself.  I recommend you try  having different decks for different purposes, it makes a difference in readings.

4.  Don’t ask the same question  4 or 5 times a day.  Yes, you’re going to  wear out  your cards and it will feel as if the tarot cards have no energy to them. Give the cards a rest. And don’t ask the same question for a while…you can go back to the question at  later date after your cards are recharged.

5. Oh this is a good trick,  If your  tarot cards have  meanings that deal with upright  positioning and reverse positioning,  you want to be sure that every time you are done  giving a  reading to someone, that you make sure all the  cards that go back  in the deck are  facing the same direction. This helps align the energy of the cards  much better!  And  it helps the  next person you read  for to have a clearer answers. Remember,  when you brought those cards, they were all facing the same direction( the order of the cards can be mixed up)… so  make sure you face them  in the same direction when  you  put them  back  into the deck. I recommend the cards to face upright. It gives  a build on the energy of your cards too. You will have more balanced energy in your cards this way. you are also clearing out the last  person’s energy in the deck when you are doing this.  If its your personal deck,  I  would still do the same thing because it clears out the last question you asked about  yourself and gives you a nice clean slate  to work on the next time around.  It may feel like its a hassle, but in my experience this actually helped me keep my  tarot cards  refreshed and  positive for  anyone that I read for. Messages from my decks are stronger and clearer for me to with as well.

6.  If your  cards  no longer feel right or have  any energy to it, I recommend you to stick your cards  out into the sunlight and ask them them to cleanse it… this will refresh your cards and they will feel absolutely  positive   too. It a nice  energy   boost as well.

Have you  tried any of these  these tips before? What do you think??


  1. peko1012 says:

    I've never used tarot cards before but this is very interesting, I've been interested in having them read to me and this helps me understand that better. I do like the fact that you can read your own cards too, I've heard when reading palms you shouldn't read your own so I thought that went for everything. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    they are fun, even though I am not of those people that love tarot I do enjoy just seeing what the cards say LOL I get amused when the cards confirm what spirit says 🙂

  3. Joelle Chan says:

    I can read my own cards but I prefer not to at times that is just me… sometimes I just shuffle the cards for myself to get confirmation from them even though spiritually my guides gave me the answer already… but rarely do I take them out for myself now, I used to use the cards more when I was younger but now I no longer feel its a necessary to use them unless I double my work when I read for other people

  4. Niki Stewart - Psychic Medium says:

    Yes I agree with you that the tarot cards are tools for the reader to use which help to connect with the readers own abilities. These used to be traditional playing cards which have evolved and become tools of divination. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Joelle Chan says:

    awww thanks Chiris I am glad you like the article, I am sure that will think of more articles to write to help benefit more people 🙂

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