Effective Ways In Using Spell Oils


Most of  probably know the most  common way to use Spell Oils  is to add it to a spell candle, make a  wish and then let the magic begin.  Did you know there are other effective ways  to  work the magic of these oils?  Depending  on  the purpose of the what you are  using it for, you can  use it for  purposes. Here’s a couple  of ways  to keep  to use spell oils that you  might  have never thought of using.

For bath purposes-  Just about any spell oil you can  think of that you want to  cast on yourself is great for baths. When using spell oil for baths, pour the desire amount you wish to have  in your running  water  then when  you  go into your bath,  visualize the  purpose  of what you are  trying to achieve for yourself. Allow yourself to soak for  at least 15 minutes  before you  rinse  yourself off.   Popular oils  selected by customers  at my shop for the use of baths are:  Healing , Love, Love yourself,  Cleansing, Prosperity, Money Draw,  Peace and Tranquility and Good Luck.


For Floor wash  purposes-  When it comes to  floor wash, its important to first clean your floor first. Get rid of the debris or  anything  dirty  around surroundings.   Once you have  done that ,  get a  new bucket of clean water.  Add the spell oil of your choice, a teaspoon is fine for a gallon of water. you can add more if you like.  Then  take your mop and  as you  dip your mop in the bucket, swish the mop around in the  bucket and  start  visualizing the intention  you want  it to do. At this time you can also chant  your intention to yourself if you desire.  Then  when you feel  the mop has  enough energy,   wash the   floor.  When you are  done, do not  rinse…. let  it  dry naturally. You want the spell oil to do its magic.

Great  spell oil for  floor wash are:

Peace and Tranquility- This helps  bring calmness into your home , especially if you  tend to have  arguments in the home, this should  lighten it or eliminate the arguments.  Once arguments starts  up again to where it feels  like a regular basis, reapply it using the floor wash.

Banish-  Great  for getting  rid of  negative energy , evil spirits or  entities.  This so clear everything that feels negative  in your home. To prevent  any  evil spirits from entering  your  home, be sure to  add spell  oil around the  windows ( rub inside) with the intention and  also pour a  some of the oil  outside the front door and back door.

Home Cleanse or Clearing- Great oil to   cleansing all energies around you , make you  feel so positive and uplifting,  opens  up the energy to allow positive energy to come through your home. Use  it the same as  banish oil on windows , front doors and  windows But  this time  visaulize  negative energy leaving the  home.

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