Divine Love Prosperity Candle, How To Make It Work For You

Just in time for the holidays is the Divine  Love Prosperity Candle.  This candle is a 3 layer candle and  boy  it was a challenge to make. In fact, this candle isn’t even my creation. this was a custom  made candle that a  customer asked me to  make  which ended  up something that was really  fun to make. I  would have never thought about making a candle like this but after  so much love and work into my creation, I finally  got it made  the way it needed to bring the right energy  into this candle.

 So a  few things about this candle, If you haven’t read the description you’re going to  find that each  layer is  scented  differently and has different  blessed  herbs  for each  layer. So  none of the layers are the same. That’s why there is lots work involved. The idea  of this candle  is to help you connect iwth your angels and spirit guides  and ask them for  guidance  in Love, prosperity and money matters.   The  bottom layer is white because what you are doing  is trying to  give yourself  faith  no matter how  life can be at times. This is also  why I recommended the Angel Oil.

 Angel oil really is  like a  floral scent,  makes you feel confident and  gives you that energy to have faith. You will also feel  a bit more  connected to using this oil in this candle.  But wait  there is more!  Try a combination  of  oils together.  When working with layer candles  like these I love  adding different oils. I also like  adding different oils as I go along  with pillar candles. For example, Jason my spirit guide recommends Success Oil and Angel  Oil as  a combination if you are trying to clear  blocks in all  3 areas of Prosperity, money, love and  building a clearer connection to Angels.  Need even  more clarity on the Psychic sense? Try  adding Psychic Eye  or Wisdom oil with the candle.

In fact Pillar candles are different. Since you can’t  burn pillar candles all the way down all at once, I find  it even best when I work with each  color layer  independently. So for this particular candle,  I  find  it best to always  wrap Angel  Oil  all the way around every time I ready to burn the candle.  Since  the green layer is up first,  I  recommend adding money draw or  prosperity oil in green layer. I would keep this up  every time I burn  the green layer,  then when I go with  the red layer which is love I would either add passion, love or romance oils into the  red layer until the red is  burned all the way down… then finally  for the white layer, this is the psychic area to hear the angels or to connect with them as much as possible…  Try Angel oil  mixed with Psychic eye or Wisdom oil or  do all of them to see what you get!  The  main thing is not to be afraid  to  mix your  oils up, you get  far better results if you a combination of  oils! Remember when it comes to candle magic always at add your favorite spell oils to make the candle work. The magic is  adding the spell oil and applying your own  personal power  to the candle.

If you ever need a custom made candle and you already  have an idea what you want just ask me and I will see what I can do ūüôā  Who knows your custom creation just might end up in  my shop as specialty item just like this one. 

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