Diffusing With Essential Oils

For the  last  several months, I have been  studying more on  essential  oils and how to use them  effectively. I have even taking some meetup classes to study and have  find making new creations for myself.  One of things I am really  enjoying  these days  is using an  essential Oil  diffuser daily to bring the energy  into my home.  Currently, my  favorite essential oil  diffuser   is the Doterra diffuser because of its small  size and   how it pumps up the  mist   a lot that it  fills   my  bedroom with the scent within minutes.   Plus its super  quiet and  it has   a 4 hour timer  which I like because  I can change  scents  right  after that  if I  like.   The  diffuser can cover a good 350 square  feet  so I do feel  it does  the  job   well. The water tank is 300ml.

If you are  looking for  something bigger  and  don’t mind the difuser being  larger try theUrpower  diffuser that can  go  up to 10 hours  and has a huge tank of 500 ml. For the price , its a lot more affordable   What I really like about this

Urpower diffuser is how it  consistently changes lights and I love the big tank because it scents up to 450 square feet. I put this diffuser  in my living room and it scents the room  wonderfully.

Since we are on  topic  of essential oils,   I have   some the  blends that are  worth investing  if you have a  essential  oil  diffuser at home.

Purify blend–   This blend is  great for cleansing your space. It   gives a nice   cleansing scent in the room and seems to remove  negative  energy out of your space . I also feel  calmer and  relaxed after  using it.  The blend is made of Lemon, Siberian Fir,  Citronella, Lime, Tea tree and Cilantro.

Balance Blend– I use this one a lot  for work.  It  sets  in the meditation energy I need  to  begin my work   when I  do not feel like  burning  This blend has Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmathus.  It’s also known for bringing  relaxation and calming energy into the room. I also use this blend to   just lay in my bed  and  read  a book while I am at it.

Citrus Bliss blend– this is one of this blends that  helps wake you up. Sometimes when I  feel  the coffee  does not wake me up, I use  this  blend  to get me  going in the morning.  Typically  any citrus essential oil is great for waking our senses up.  If you aren’t one that wants to experiment in mixing your  own citrus blends, this blend is a good choice to start with.

Serenity Blend– this is considered a  good night  Made with essential oils of Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver and Vanilla extract.  This blend  provides a good nights  rest  giving feelings of relaxation and  a restful sleeping environment. I like doing this one before  bed at times so I can relax  and  unwind before bedtime.

Breathe– This blend helps clear helps with  clearing airways and easy breathing. When  I first opened  it,  I loved the smell  but I also find that its pretty strong blend to use in the diffuser  yet its highly  Personally I use this as a night time blend and  but it in my living room when I am relaxing   and watching television.  I also  add a  few drops  of  lavender   in the diffuser along with the Breathe blend  to  give that relaxing night time feeling.  This blend is made of  essentials of Tea tree,  Laurel leaf, peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Racensara and Cardamon.

No matter what  diffuser  or  essential oil blends  you use, I  recommend  getting  involved in diffusing essential oils. It’s  becoming  a  healthier  alternative. Personally, I am enjoying the way  the  air feels at home its definitely  a better substitute than  using  air fresheners  and the health benefits are  worth.

Are  you ready to invest in  diffusing essential  oils in your  home?  Take a look at the Best Selling items below  for more  of a comparison.



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