Did You Have A Valentine?

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Valentine’s Day  is usually a day that you spend with your loved one.  Of course, that  isn’t the  case for everyone  as  there are people that are  single too.  This Valentines I have celebrated on my own as well.  Single life is fun for me, I have never felt that I needed a  husband or a boyfriend.  Would I like to have one? Sure  of course, but I realized  its a bonus to have to have someone  in my life and not a necessity.  If  there is one thing  life  has  taught me  when it comes to being single,  I have learned to  love myself even more.  Heck, why have the Valentine blues when  in all honesty, what  makes me  happy is being my own best friend. I love Valentine’s for the reason that I can share the love to my friends and  family.  Usually for Valentine’s I  do home made treats and give  them out to everyone that I love very much.  I actually love to bake and when I make things for people I  find myself putting a lot love and effort into things. But this year I have been more  busy so I haven’t able to  make my home made treats like I usually do for my family and friends. But that doesn’t stop me from  being  giving  to the people I love most! ūüôā

So this year, I have done a few things for people. I sent a regular sampler  box to a friend of mine in Texas.  I was also part of an online group for Covert Cupid Sisters and we playing secret cupid so  everyone got a sister and we had to send at least a $10 gift to the sister we were assigned to. So each sister had to input  their favorite color,  food and anything else about them to give us a brief  idea  what to get them…
Hence for my covert sister I got them  some Chocolate covered cake truffles with the flavors of Strawberry Champagne and Red Velvet. Of course, my guides told me to get myself a package too! When it arrived to my place,  I got a taste of them and I swear they like melted in my mouth which were very yummy! Then the idea came to me to order another one  for another friend in San Diego which I did! They were out of the  mix of Strawberry and Champagne and Red Velvet so I decided to send  her a dozen of the Red velvet ones since I know how much she loves chocolate.
Of course,  since it was  Valentine’s Day yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner. So out I went to  go to Whole Foods to pick up dinner and  for dessert a  Heart Shaped Fresh Fruit cheese cake for myself! Omg, the cheese cake was yummy and it was so light and  fluffy!!! My goodness it wasn’t even super sweet just the right balance in taste and texture. There hasn’t been one thing I didn’t like from Whole Foods. Every time I go there,  the food is over  good and even though its a bit expensive I always go there by myself to give myself a treat when I have the funds to do so. It’s a way  for me to remember, that I deserve  to love myself more as I do  work hard for myself. 
 But then my friend Amber was so sweet! I didn’t even know she sent me some money for Valentine’s Day through Paypal. She told me she sent me money, and Paypal didn’t notify me so I had to check to make sure I got her money which I did. So therefore, I sent  her back the picture of this heart fruit cheese cake and told her, Ok this is from you then LOL! Thanks Amber for the Heart Fruit Cheese Cake. ūüôā So my Valentine Day was totally awesome. I had a good time by myself. I didn’t need to be  with someone to feel good. I am my own best friend.!!! ūüôā
 Finally this morning, my Covert sister gave me  her gift to me. She actually emailed me yesterday because Amazon forgot my Apt number… so they didn’t know which apartment to send it to but Amazon was kind  to resend another of the same gift! Good thing too because I ended up getting an electric candle  holders and I honesty didn’t have one. I  always get  all these candle  tarts in my sample boxes that I cant use them and I think I did say if there was anything I needed it was one those warmers.  Good thing that Amazon resent  another warmer because the original they try to send first ended up being broken and when I opened the second one,  it was in good condition. So I am happy my candle warmer came in one piece!
Just remember, if you are single… love yourself more! And  honesty its  fun to find something you can do  on your own during Valentine’s Day!!! I know I do  so I never have the Valentine blue.  Did you do something for yourself that you could enjoy on your own?  If so what is it?? ūüôā


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    Kim, the secret cupid was really fun , I hope they have it next year first time I did it and I had a blast and that cheese cake was so yummy!!! I ate the whole thing by last night and didn't even feel guilty lol ūüôā

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    Claudia~ you are so right as holidays can be tough when we are single but I am glad I worked on myself so that I have done a lot of self growth be just enjoy life as is ūüôā

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