Darkest Moon Collection

I landed  on the Darkest Moon collection treasury,  and I love the collection that’s shown.   My transformation candle has been one  of the  most  popular  candles that have landed  in treasuries,  and its  definitely one of my toughest candles I have  made but  gives great results  when   burning  it.    The one thing about this candle is that it really helps clear up whatever is  bothering deep within your soul.  You will  feel the lift  immediately.  Sometimes, you might get moody from  burning   it but that just shows that  its in the process of working.  If you are in  a mood, its  great too as  it can  help  you relax and  release what it is that
is  bothering you.   The  original transformation can be  really strong but its worth it if you know that you have some tough  issues that you need to work through  for yourself. For the Original transformation candle set try   it here Original Transformation Candle For the light versions,  try the  mini transformation  candles   after all its  in a small dose for those  that need a gentler version Mini Transformation candle Set.

 Also, take a look at    Viada’s  shop on Etsy,  I  like the photography that is there , particular the ones that have  flowers in there ūüôā you can check out  it out here  VaidaPhoto


  1. RedstuffDesigns says:

    Really cool and eclectic collection. I love treasuries, they really open you up to things you may not see on Etsy otherwise! Congrats on being included!

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    I totally agree, I love seeing treasuries because there are stuff I wouldn't have come across without these wonderful treasuries ūüôā

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