Dad’s Job Prediction


My dad has been trying to retire a few years now  but I also know that he actually does enjoy working, it keeps him active and  feeling more alive.  He has been trying to get spiritual guidance from me  even though he just has a tough time  believing in me and my work but I know he is trying to be open to me as psychic. He’s just not used having a daughter that psychically aware.

So my dad has been working temporary at his old company. I all started back last year when he asked me if he was going back to work… and I said yes  and even told him he be restarting  within March 2013, well that came true as my dad  told me he started in end February 2013. Now  he has been working for a good 6 months. But, I had no idea he was not getting paid enough. After all we are talking about an  old employer that he has been working for over 30 years. That is until my dad told me about the pay was $24/hr. They were underpaying  him and they kept extending him each month to take advantage of his skills. In August 2013, I told him  he needed to just finish his  contact. I could see he was being overworked and tired of not getting this old pay back of $28/hr…

I  explained to him  that  his company will negotiate his rate later in
September and they did call him back. At first they were  offering from
$24/hr to $26/hr and told him to think about it.  My dad calls me and
asks to talk my St.Christopher… Well Chris was very clear advising 
options of either $28 + holiday pay ( which is what he previously had),
or  just $30/hr… well after my dad did what was advised it happened
that the company countered with a $28.50 but no holiday pay. They even
said that was the highest they would offer. My
dad turned it down and asked then for $30/hr… well they said no and
asked him
to reconsider their offer.  So dad comes back to me and  gives me the
scoop, and  I have to calm him a bit because he just thinks he should
took his off. My
dad turned it down and asked them for $30/hr… well they said no and
to reconsider their offer.  So dad comes back to me and  gives me the
scoop, and  I have to calm him a bit because he just thinks he should
took  their  last offer. I said no and even told them they were being 
cheap.  I even told him give them  2 weeks to call you back.  Just be
patient you will see… of course,  I told him actually I just giving a 
buffer of 2 weeks  for safety on the timing, but I think its going to
be next week they will call him back. I even  went as far as telling him
he be back at work in October. The weekend goes back and before you
know it Tuesday they call  and tell them that they will give him
$30.50/hr ! So dad was  pretty stoked and gave me the news and says wow
you were right! ūüôā Needless to say, I am just happy for my dad to get
what he needed  for pay. It’s nice when my St.Chris  is so good at what
he does. Now dad, just needs to relax when I  give him  messages from my guides. ūüôā


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    lol yes glad he actually is working , its quite healthy for him to go back to work even though he is almost 70 years old! but he still acts like a youngen for his age.

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