Dad To The Rescue!

This week’s story  is about my dad with my two cats. I thought I share a bit of humor here as my dad has a hard time getting along with  kitties generally but he does love these two even though Tigger  (on the bottom) usually gives him a hard time.  This week my dad  was trying to be hero though.  There has been a pixie bobcat  bullying Tigger all because  he thinks that Tigger is in the way when he wants to get Yuna’s ( on top of the tv)  attention. This bobcat isnt that big its about the same size as Tigger of course, but I have seen him before roaming around when I visit my dad and I have always thought that it was a cutie pie.  I actually think this bobcat is even more good looking  than Tigger but I still love my Tigger no matter what.

So this week the bobcat was  chasing down  Tigger and he actually followed Tigger all the way home.  We have pet door  for my cats and usually the bobcat  doesn’t come in the house but it was  brave this time. It actually entered the house. When the bob cat came in, my dad was quite surprised because he thought that it would run out after seeing him on the couch but that was not the case! The bobcat decided to just sit there and stare at him a few minutes then stare right back at Tigger for  another few minutes. It was trying to decide what to do lol.
Then my dad decided to lock the pet door. He went in the garage to get a broom.  His purpose was to try scare the bobcat with the broom but what ended happening was the bobcat actually fought back!  Not only did the bobcat  bite the  broom stick  with its mouth a couple of times, but  it also managed to jump down from the 2nd story floor  to the first floor when my dad was trying to to catch him upstairs. Of course the bob cat was fine but we have never seen any cat jump from upstairs to downstairs like this bobcat did. As impressive as that was, the bobcat  ended up being so scared that he  hide behind the couch in the living room. Of course, my dad said that after looking  at it closely, he thought the bobcat was really cute but a bit mean spirited!  Finally, my dad decided to open the front door to let the bob cat leave which he didn’t do until my dad used the broom to push him out. When the bobcat was gone,  my dad went to put the broom away only realizing  the bob cat left him a nasty surprise ~ cat poop was all over the  family room floor! LOL My dad was so mad because he ended up cleaning the entire down stairs floor until 5am!
When I asked my dad about  his love for bobcats he still told me that he wanted a bobcat just not that one!  In all my dad was quite entertaining this week with his story, but he also felt bad because he didnt know he scared the bobcat that bad until after seeing the nice surprise it left behind. Guess that is what he gets for trying to be a hero this week!  At least my kitties are safe and sound though ūüôā

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