Creating Christmas Labels

When I first started my shop,  I had friend that  created my  original Joie Joelle  labels.  They turned out   gorgeous and  I really loved how  she did my labels.  Unfortunately, she got more busy and  I  had to find a way  to make them myself. Well, thanks to my cousin Jon , he  suggested  me to learn pPhotoshop!  Last month,  I went up to see him so I could learn a few lessons.  When I first started learning everything, it did feel overwhelming.  I had to actually call my cousin a few times  when I felt stuck.  Thank goodness he was there to teach me even more.  After constantly practicing  the labels, my first  batch was  ok.  However, I didn’t like the patterns as much and started  looking for different  ones.   Hence after all the learning patterns , fonts and brushes I am getting the hang of all of this stuff and I am so impressed  with what I have done for myself.  I feel each time I  learn something  new and  I am able to  improve it , that I feel more accomplished for what I can learn on my own. So here are the labels  coming out, below you will see the candle labels I created for this holiday season  ūüôā  It’s nice to  make a  change and get in the spirit of the holidays.

Overall, I had fun  creating the labels and I will continue to keep creating other labels for my products ūüôā  I never knew photoshop  was so much fun in the end and i am grateful  that I was able to learn all of this ūüôā yes, these will be the candles I will be making for the holidays  so stay  tune on the items  in my shop! More  details on them pretty soon.  If you like the labels,  cant wait for you see the cute bags  and box I got for the holidays  ūüôā

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