Count Your Blessings To Bring More Miracles


One  of most over looked candles  are Blessing candles. Often we do not notice how many  blessings  we have in our life.  One things  we should always do is be grateful for what we have. Many of us tend to  focus on what we want. While it’s great to ask for what we want. It’s even better for to  show gratitude  in the things we are receiving in our lives. Hence,  this is what the Blessing candle’s main use is.

Whenever you are spell casting, a blessing candle can be a great addition to your work. You use a blessing candle in two ways.

Method 1

In a  previous  article “ How to Cleanse And  Balance  Your Sacred Space”  a  blessing  candle can be a great  follow up after you have done a deep cleanse of your entire home or  space  needed.  This  is because the energies  are already  high from the deep cleanse and positive energy  is  already  coming  into your home or space.  Simply  pick a  room that you want  to like the candle to work in. I personally like to find the center of  my home or even  near the door way of my home because I envision  blessings coming  into my  home through the front door.  I  would rub some blessing  oil  all over the candle and then I would say a  prayer  acknowledging your  God  or  the Universe  for  what you have  been receiving  in your life. Then  ask  for the  continuance of these blessings  to come your way.  Burn the candle all the way down. You  can always  snuff the candle  out and then do the entire ritual again until this candle is totally  finished. You should feel a lot of  openness of  positive energy opening up to your  entire space when you do this. I know I feel it because it  keeps me  pretty positive  for a  few weeks.

If you  ever feel  low on energy  or a  bit negative,   light another blessing candle and  say  a  list of  things you are grateful for  that has happened so far.  This will once again raise that energy in your space. You can also write a list of things you are grateful and  burn the paper along with the candle for the added effect.


Method 2

We are always  used to asking for things  in  our  spell casting , it can be  anything we cast from love ,  abundance , money, prosperity , peace, healing etc… the list  goes on. I have always suggested  to focus one candle at a time.   When you cast any  spell with a candle, allow for the  candle’s  energy  to  circulate around  your situation.  Before you know it, you start seeing signs of your magic working.  It doesn’t  matter if the sign is  small or big,  it is the fact that you will know the  magic is working in your favor.  Once have a good feeling  your spell  is working,   use  a blessing candle here.   You do not  need to see the  full result of your candle magic to take effect first before  using a blessing candle. All you need to do is prepare a blessing candle with the blessing  oil once again. Also have a pen and  paper  handy.   You are  going to write everything  you feel grateful for  in your life that has  happened since you  burned  your  last spell candle.   Then  read this out loud  to yourself. Be sure you are directing to your universal god or universe. Acknowledge that they have helped you create these wonderful miracles or opportunities to you.  Put  some more blessing   oil on the  paper  rub it  over,  fold the paper and put  the  candle on the bottom. Light the candle and let it burn.  The result  is this:  your magic will most likely increase because after your have thanked the Universe for their  miracles,  the  universe will do more  for you.  More  doors  of opportunity will  open up for you ,  probably even more than  you even requested.   This  is a great  boosting candle that should be added to your collection. I recommend  you  give this a try, as its something  I add to my work. Gratitude goes a long way because when we are grateful and show it,  more miracles will happen.

Are you ready to bring more blessings into your life? Try this candle here.

Are you ready to bring more blessings into your life? Try this candle here.


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