Clearance Sale On Etsy!

 As I have  started to announce last week on facebook,  there is a clearance  section going on  at my Etsy store!  In this section  you are going to find  some of the  irregular candles  on sale for 50% off.    The irregularities are  based on the same of the candle. Most of them either  have a bit of sink holds or air  bubbles around the candle. this does not  affect the  performance of the candle at all. I am always burning off the  candles at my home like these because I don’t have the heart to throw  it in the  trash especially when I  candle wax can  be more expensive over time  when thrown away.  Therefore from time to time you will be able  come across  a few items that are  a great steal.  Here are few  items to get you started…

 First up is the Success candle, you will get this pumpkin  ginger strudel candle for half price of what I normally  charge at my shop. Its do to the surface of the top of the candle because the mold that was in it was irregular. I actually had to call the candle  store to refund me for the molds since they could replace these molds.  Sadly  now the  molds I ordered are  double the price of what I paid for now. But  at least other place comes in good quality so that is a plus because the pattern on the candle is looking better these days!

This  prosperity candle is up next as  there is nothing wrong with the candle except the bottom  and on the back where the  pattern came off. I was so sad that the pattern just came off I don’t even know how that happen … it just did and it was  an order that I was doing at the time… so   again  its a gain for you. Other than that,   its perfectly  a good steal for this candle when you want to  be prosperous!

I have  also  packaged   a few aromatherapy candles together  below in a 2 pack

yes   slight  air  bubbles  on the top of the candle. Nothing major other than that , it  burns  beautifully!  I love both scents! One is very floral and berries and vanilla is just yummy I have gotten  compliments of the scent of these candles!

this   set is great if you want to do Love spells. Again there are slight  air bubbles on the top  but otherwise  this  an awesome set.  Dragons blood will remove the blockages. If you   got a relationship to repair  or even if you are trying to attract love into your life, you want to remove the blockages that are there first.  Then   light Sandal wood candle after waiting for about 2-4 weeks for the Dragon blood candle  to take effect.  Red Sandalwood is stuffed  in the Sandalwood cand which is a great way to  bring love into your life. Its why I packaged it the way  I did because I find this combination  a good one to work with.  So grab it you are interested, there is only one for this price!
There are  still much more that I have  on there so if you are interested please stop by my store and  take a peek at the clearance rack! You just may come across something for a good deal! As a reminder we have a few more days left on Free Shipping!  Spend #40 or more and shipping is on me! Enter the code MARCHSHIP2014, expires  March 31st!

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