Cleansing Candle

What could a simple white cleansing candle do? Believe it or not, this cleansing candle packs a pretty good punch of cleaning the energies around you. That is why its included with clearing oil because it simply does that. This is one of the very first candles I made and believe me when I was taught this I even thought there is no way something this plain could do the trick but boy was I wrong! It really does do a nice clearing that you can feel the energy moving along. I personally love this candle as its one of my favorites.

Clearing Candles are great for getting rid of negative energy that is around you. It helps even take out the negative energies in your energetic system as well. Once the negative energy is lifted in the surrounding areas, the positive energy comes in. Because the clearing candle cleanses the space around us , we are able to feel the positive energy surrounding us more which makes it even more refreshing.

It’s always a good idea to do some type of cleansing. Clearing the space before you do any type of candle magic is great because that means the next candle you light has a bigger effect. It gives it more of a positive feeling so whether you are casting a spell on yourself or anyone else, it emphasizes the strength of the next candle burning and really puts the energy out there for it to work the way it needs to. Always take the time to cleanse when you feel its time to do some sort of clearing. Even after so many candles burning you want to make sure you are clearing the energy around you and sending the energy out into the universe for them work with it.

For an added boost, I would burn some white sage and blow it around the home. Then light the clearing candle right after that. I find that doing that really gives it a strong cleanse of the space. So its good to experiment with what works for you here. Give this candle a try, you’ll be surprise what a how a simple candle like this works! See  link here: Cleansing Candle

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  1. Nicole Ringgold says:

    This is wonderful. I burn sage all the time. I'm sure my home would smell fabulous with both sage and a cleansing candle. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    Yes the combination is wonderful, when I need a deep clearing of energy, I sage, then sweetgrass and then light this cleansing candle… Feels so good and positive all the way around, just love the positive energy it gives me ūüôā

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