Christmas Gifts for the Holiday Season

So all last week, I was busy creating the items  I wanted to  put out for my Etsy store.  The idea  came to me to do a mix and match theme and  I kept the  colors Christmas themed as well.  It sure took  some time, because I really has to get  everything ready and make it look professional as much as I could.  As you can see  I used the labels for these candles and all my  candles will be glittered  for the holidays so its going to look very beautiful when you are  giving them out  for the  holidays:So here  are the items that  I will be having  out  for the store on Etsy:

First up, we have the  sampler candles I am making for the holidays.  these are wonderful if you are doing  stocking  stuffers.  The candles are  4 inches tall each, and  inside there will have mini instructions and  descriptions of the candle’s purpose ūüôā  Plus there is a 15% coupon code  in each mini bag! this a great chance for them to  save a little to try out a full size products.   Check out  here :  Mini Glittered Sample Candles  you can pick any of them  of get one of each!!! The  choice  is  up to you ūüôā

 Similar to the sample candles these are a bit thicker  than the sample ones but  even for min candles they are effective.   I  finally learned how to  aromatherapy sprays  now so  I am actually really excited about doing the healing spray.  Did I mention you will get the matching oils??  It will come with the oils.  If you need a  copy of the instructions for  these  candles please request. I will do that for you on your order.  Check out  here at  Mini Christmas Spell candles

Saving the best for last my Build your own Candle Spell Box!  ūüôā

This is going to come in a a penguin box.  You are  going to be able to select two full size candles that will have matching oils for each candle. Then   you get to pick one set of Mini candle version  with the matching oil.  All of it  will be dressed  up with herbs and  oils to help you manifest what you want in life.  Don’t  worry  if you are giving it as a gift, I can generalize  the candles to  have it work for the person you are giving to as well.  It works best to let them decide what to use it for so if you are going to give  this as a gift,  let it be generalized.   If you are spoiling yourself then by all means personalize these candles for your taste.   I will be  following  in  the healing spray and a 4oz  of Love bath salts  into the  box. And yes the  instructions will be in the package too.  For more details : Build your Own Candle Spell Box
Well that concludes my Christmas theme items for this year. This should keep me pretty busy, if you have any questions  about these products free feel to email me at

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