Celebrating Autumn Season the Magical Way!


One of my favorites  seasons is Autumn and part of the  reason is because I love  the  colors of orange  brown and  yellow we see  as we  walk around our world. I always feel when the season starts, it is a time for us to embrace changes or make room  for  any changes we feel we need to  do  to move forward  in our own lives. For that reason, it’s why I created this collection.   You can use this collection  in two ways.

This most traditional way is celebrating Samhain usually a wiccan celebration where we  honor the dead or ancestors that have passed during this year. You can honor your loved ones or those that have crossed like a memorial day. It’s also a time for new spiritual beginnings where you can be open to change. In most cases if a loved one has crossed over during the year, doing a Samhain ritual can help celebrate your loved one crossing over as help the grieving process in bringing closure which can give more healing energy.


If you are celebrating Samhain and wanting to  honor the spirits or loved ones, you can create a sacred ritual and ask for  spirits to come to you.  I recommend that you  get the Autumn spell candle and the Autumn Spell Oil as the combination  is highly effectively in  sacred rituals  like Samhain. Applying the Autumn  spell oil to the candle will help give the spiritual  energy it needs. To enhance the  ritual I recommend the Autumn incense. Burn, the incense on the  side preferably using charcoal disk or  you can burn in a heat proof dish.   When  the  incense is burned I think of it almost  like a spicy pumpkin cinnamon like scent,  which is how I associate with the Autumn season. Part of the reason, I created  this incense  was to envision honoring our loved ones with a parting gift of food for them before  they walk the road path to the heavens.  I find using all three of these items, adds a special touch to spiritual like this, you have to  experiment  this for yourself to see what I mean.


Keep in mind, you can  use this set any time of the year.  The Autumn spell oil itself can act as a divination oil for you to connect with the spirits around you. It can  raise the energy to open communication  to the spirits around you both loved ones and spirit guides. If you are trying to connect on spiritual level one of the best ways I recommend using this oil is to use it in an oil diffuser. Simply, add  water in a dish and a few drops of oil in the dish  and allow the   dish to burn. As the scent fills the room, you should feel the energy rising in the room.  This would be a good time to do what you are comfortable in trying to connect with spirit or open up your psychic senses.  Some ideas include meditation and  the use of  divination tools  like  playing  tarot cards, using the crystal ball,  or even oracle readings.   The more you use these  methods along with the oil, you will be able to enhance your  abilities more.  It always takes  practice  to  fine tune your spiritual gifts or abilities.

Another way to use the autumn candle  is to  turn it to a success candle. Because the color of the candle  is orange along  with the herbs to give it strength in successful endeavors  you can use in that regard.   Be sure you pick up some success spell oil as the base of the magic as the success oil is great  at remove any road blocks you may have  on  your path  giving you better energy in succeeding in casting your magic.   Also, I recommend that you pick another oil to match the area you are wanting to succeed in.  There are so many options to choose from, its more of a preference,  but decide only one area in your life you want to  enhance as you would get better results.  For example, if its about money or. prosperity go with similar oils of that nature.  Remember experimenting with the different use of spell oils, is going to help you define what combinations work best for you.


Ready to celebrate the Autumn Season? Click here to grab this candle now.

Ready to celebrate the Autumn Season? Click here to grab this candle now.




    • Joyce says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I love making candles and love being creative with the scent I come up with it! I will continue to update my creations as we move along here… I already have an idea what the winter candle will be 🙂

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