Casting your Soulmate Spell Candle Effectively


One of my latest candles the Soulmate Spell Candle  is  making some  big  sales in my shop.  Customers are always asking  me how to activate this candle.  Today, I am here to give you some tips to help you attract the your soulmate  into your life with this candle.   The idea behind this candle to attract  someone new to you. If you  are open  to receiving a new love coming  your way then this candle is  perfect for  you.    It can  also  work  on attracting the person  you are  interested  in currently as well. While it’s tempting to just say the person’ when  casting a  soulmate candle, its always  important to add “someone better” because  it  will bring  more balance  in what you are asking for in your desire. Most of us desire to be with that one person,  but if your desire is too strong that it has to be them because you think they are  your soul mate only, what you will most like end  up casting  is desperation on yourself which will pull you  further  away from what you truly desire.  As weird as that sounds, I have learned through  my experiences  that this can happen in  spell casting.

Here are some steps  you can do, to improve  your chances  in  making this candle successful for you. I’ve had customers loving  this candle for a while and with the special oils in my shop, even you can master at bringing a soul mate relationship to you.

Spell Oils  To Use

  1. Attraction Oil–  One of the most  powerful oils  to add to  your  candle is Attraction oil.  It’s  oil  is such a gem for those that have come across in purchasing  the  oil from my shop. The oil  itself is workable for pretty much anything you want to attract so its not just related to love , but also does well for anything  else you want to attract in your life.  Many people forget what that attraction  oil is a powerful method  and those that have applied this oil has simply made  seen  faster results.
  2. Love Oil– The base oil needed to do any type of  love spell you are looking for. I love this oil simply because the energy is a positive one and you can feel the  power behind it. Its use  a general purpose  of drawing love  to you.
  3. Success oil– Great for removing  blockages in your current relationship.   Also, if you have been having a harder time  finding the  love of  your life and wanting a brand new relationship, this  oil also  removes those  blockages so you can  open the road  to receiving new  love for yourself.
  4. Be Mine Oil– the is the attraction oil of love. A very powerful one to use if you are  involved with someone and he/she has  become a bit  Use  this to bring  him back closer to you.
  5. Romance Oil– Intoxicating  yet  provoking  for any relationship. Have you  lost the spark in the  romance area?? Need to draw the  chemistry more to bring in the feelings deeper?  Use this  oil for the purpose intended.

Combos that are highly effective in applying to the soulmate candle:

  1. Attraction/Love/Success Oils-  Applying all three  oils here will help you  open the path to finding love or the partner  you are desired to be with
  2. Be Mine/Romance/Success Oils- If your  partner has been distant and you feel you have lost the spark this is the combo that ignites the flame again and removes those road blockages  to open the  love to be returned to you.


Also if you  prefer, Soulmate Votives are also an option.  The  choice is yours, the  same oils can be used. I recommend you  use one  intention  per votive.  Allow the energy to set and  wait a bit to see  what results you get  before you light the next votive.

Results can vary and  it’s important to never rush a love and relationship. The best relationships take time to build. From what my customers have experienced, it can take 2-3 months for a  new love to appear. It can also take as long as  1-2 years before your  soul mate to show up.   The idea  is to  remember to cast the spell, set it and forget it about you. When you let the natural magic energies  of the candle activate, you are allowing the universe to decide what is the best way to bring what you desire to have in your life. This can also be said in  currently relationships you are trying repair  or bring  them closer. Candle magic takes time, so give its magic the time it needs to manifest.

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