Cartomancy 101, Learn To Predict Yes/ NO questions

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Before I started reading Tarot Cards, I invested learning how to read playing cards from the 52 cards. I remember when I brought a 99 cent pocket book at the drugstore because I interested in learning to read fortunes in many ways. The one method that stood out to me was playing cards. It may sound silly, but the accuracy on doing Cartomancy is highly accurate! Many times, when I made predictions for my friends, I would treat it like a game and think nothing of it. Only to find out later whatever was in the cards actually came true! So today, I am here to teach you a very basic Cartomancy game you can practice on.
What you will need:
A brand new pack of 52 playing cards ( you know the cards you play poker with)
Why brand new? Because it sets the energy of it to read more accurate, new cards equal new energy, which also means it sets the intention of its purpose for the deck.

Now do the following with the deck of cards:
You will not need all the cards at all, we are going to simplified the deck. Please remove all the following cards as you will not need them for this activity. Remove all the 2’s, 3’s 4’s, 5’s and 6’s. this means you will be removing a total of 20 cards which means the rest of the deck has 32 cards. You will be using the 32 cards for this game.
Before we start, this game is learning how to predict yes and no questions. This means you can only ask a Yes or NO question to be answered. In order to do this, please keep the following in mind. Use Kings and Queens to represent someone. Queens are good for female representation and Kings are good for males representation. If you want to be more technique, I usually label the Queens and Kings this way:

For the Queens:
Swords: older female with dark hair
Clubs: younger female with dark hair
Diamonds: older female with light hair
Hearts : younger female with light hair

For the Kings:
Swords: older male with dark hair
Clubs: younger male with dark hair
Diamonds: older male with light hair
Hearts : younger male with light hair

To keep this simple, I want you to pick one of the Queens or Kings to represent you.. Once you have picked a card that represents you, the next thing you need to keep in mind is all the red cards mean the answer is YES and all the black cards means NO. This includes all the queens and kings in the deck, so be sure you remember which card you picked to represent you. Now put all the 32 cards together and think of a yes/no question. Shuffle and cut the deck as many times as you want until you feel you do not need to do it anymore. As you take the first card on top of your deck, throw it up and look at the card. Is this the queen or king you picked to represent yourself? If yes, then pull the next card and place it on top. If the next card is black the answer is no. If the card is red the answer is yes. If the card you pull is not one Kings or Queens that you choose to represent yourself, then you simply keep pulling the cards and place it on top of the card until your King or Queen card pops up. Once your card pops up then pull the next card to see your answer.This is one of the easiest ways to interpret yes/no questions. In fact it’s one of the games I did when I was younger, finding it stunning accurate before I made my move to learning how to read Tarot cards. I hope this technique is fun and inspiring for you to learn.

Getting yes or no answers are a great way  to learn  to  give  yourself  readings. We all have to start somewhere at the beginning. However, some times we need more clarity and that is where I  suggest  getting a tarot card reading  or  psychic reading to  bring more in depth answers you are searching for.  With clarity, you  walk a more  positive  path and feel more confident  in  getting the direction your life is heading.

Need more clarity? Schedule a psychic reading here.

Need more clarity? Schedule a psychic reading here.


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