Candle Spell Magic Tip 4: Add Different Oils To Your Candle Magic

Did you know that you could get creative with your oils?  Sometimes  It’s not about using the recommending oil listed  but to go  with what feels right to you.  I often have combined the  oils on the outside  of the  candle to give it a bigger boost to manifest things  a bit faster for myself.

Here are a few ideas:

Love Oil– When  we  think of Love Spell Oil, its  often  associated with attracting  love. this general purpose  oil is a great start  in  trying to bring  someone  new  into your life.  Its also a  great way  to spark a  new relationship to come  into your  life as well. If you are starting  out  with just finding  love,  then begin with  this Love oil.

But what  if you are  in a relationship and   you want to spice things up?  Then the best  Combo to  go to would be to  combine  the  following  oils below.

Love Oil + Romance Oil = this  combo  is great for  stirring  emotions up. It’s a way  to bring out the feelings  for one another. Of course  adding the Romance oil  can also enhance  of a desire to take action when needed.  Having  you been wanting  your partner step it up  more?  Do you want  them to be more  assertive where  you feel  like  the relationship  is   flowing smoothly?   If you want them to  keep coming to you,  the Romance Oil is great addition to any candle magic.

Love Oil Healing Oil + We all have our ups and  downs when it comes to relationships. No relationship is  perfect, and when we  hit a rough patch sometimes the hardest thing  is to forgive and let go what has happened  between the two of you.  One  of the best combinations my  customers love doing  is the Love Oil and the Healing Oil combined.  this has saved  relationships  countless times. It’s even  done any  amazing job  on reconnect  people you  didn’t think you would hear from again.   Heck,  I  had a customer tell me that her  ex  boyfriend  called her months later and they were able to forgive each other.  Best candle to use this the hand-rolled  love and healing candle. Any other love candles can also  work for this combination of oils as well.

Love and Healing Candle + Dark Moon oil = If you just broke up with your partner or you are having a hard time letting go… try  a  love and healing candle with Dark moon oil. I know it  sounds  like a weird combination but the Dark moon oil will show you the reasons  why  you cant let go of your previous relationship Facing the reality of the reasons of why  you both  broke up in the first place might be tough. No one eve wants  to go through the pain of facing the truth of the matter. In fact this  Dark moon Oil  has the tendency  to bring a  bit of moodiness but customers have reported by using this oil has made them realize the value of who they are and were able to move forward and enjoy a  new path in their life. The best part about this is the combination was  created by one a customer of mine  who used her own intuition in how to work her own magic spell. Since then, I have recommended  to  other customers who have  had very successful results.

Happiness Oil – We can  only take so much  negativity   in our life that sometimes we  really need a pick me up!  Happiness Oil  is so good when you’re in a funk. We can  get moody sometimes  but the happiness oil can  be so  uplifting.  It can also act on its own. You can  easily carry the spell oil with you and wear  a bit  on yourself like a perfume and you will find you  being able to take on  your roughest days  with more of an ease.

Happiness Oil + Peace & Tranquility Oil – Are you stressing out about every little thing?  Do you   think  nothing  is  going to go right every time you look at certain  situations in your  life. Then  this combo is  perfect for you. But try both Peace & Tranquility Oil and Happiness Oil on the outside of a  Healing Candle or a Don’t Worry be happy Candle.  This combination brings in the relaxation and helps you detach  from any stressful  situations. It helps you flow and gives you peace of mind.

Money Draw– This Money Draw  oil is  one of secret oils that  has blended  with  herbs of cinnamon,  John conqueror root, Grains  of Paradise and  a special blend of  essential oils. It needs  at least 6-8 weeks for the oil to  mature, there is something really   magical when I  smell this oil as the energy is very intense and effective to use for most purposes   in regards to money matters. you can use this  in  your candles  or take a  bath with it.


Money Draw + Prosperity =  This combination  helps get a steady  flow of income coming your way. When we  combine both  oils together not only  are we  drawing  in  money   rather quickly but we are also  attracting the longevity  for the  money to  be kept into our  bank accounts. I have  used this  combination   for a very long time  on Money draw votive candles  or  Prosperity  Pillar candles to give it that  extra  effect.  If you  just want to  simply things ,  you can  get a


Whether you go with  these  recommendations or get creative on your own,  try them out! You will find different results and learn what works for you best. Heck you will find out what your favorite combinations are 🙂 Once you get in the flow of what works best with you, you’ll be getting good at manifesting what you want out of life!


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