Candle Magic Tip #3 Burn Negative To Positive for Best Results!

This week’s Candle Magic Tip has to do with burning negative candles  first then  positive candles after.   What I mean by this is negative candles are usually candles that we are using  to either  transform ourselves or trying to get rid of the negative energy or the  blocks in our lives.   Since I do a lot of magic candles at my shop I will use my candles as  examples in this post.

Negative  candles in my shop would be pretty much the black ones I have such as banish and transformation candles. You can also use the white candles  such as Cleansing and Protection  to remove negative energies as well .  So if  you have purchase any of the following candles, I recommend you burn those candles first. Usually, its because we are  getting  rid  of the bad that no longer serves us so that we can be open to absorbing the more  positive energy whether it be for love,  love thyself,  money candles etc…   Now a  good reminder is don’t get all candle happy. By that I mean give it a bit of time for the energy  to set in from the first candle,  perhaps a few days or couple of weeks. Black candles like mine can really give a big shift and it can be  very much doing its magic along the way. In this case you want to wait a bit before  you  burn your first positive candle.  It helps give that  balance in your life if you do it this way.

If  you are working with more than one black candle, I would do one black candle first then light a positive candle… wait this out and see how you feel before you Burn another candle. Then you can burn another black candle and  follow up with another positive candle thus it will help  you flow better. You won’t be feeling so all over the place… you may still get moody but  at least it wont  feel so off the wall. Sometimes if we are burning all the  black candles first we  just might be too worn out and not in the mood to  light those positive candles. Oh one more thing, do not burn negative and positive candles together or at the same time. Finish one candle then burn the next candle. trust me, you will thank me for this. You will feel all over the
place if you try to do them at the same time. Since we are working with balancing emotions, we want to take it one step at a time.

Another effect I wanted to explain  is Negative candles are great for healing. They aren’t as evil as people  might think.   In fact here’s a good example, the Transformation candle really does  get some people moody for the first time.  If this happens to you its because you have some real deep issues to work through in your own core and the candle is trying to pull it out from you. It could be that you have been avoiding it or not facing the truth of your own self for years so its bound to make you feel down in the slumps. But on the upside to this is you will end up feeling lighter later and  not allowing whatever issue it was to haunt you again.  The good news is if you decide to purchase another similar Transformation candle, it should  be a bit easier to handle. As you heal and release things out your own core, you will find, the Transformation and Banish candles are  your best friends. It’s always the first  candle that is the  toughest and over time as you  transform yourself these candles become more soothing to work with. If you don’t get moody  on your first black candle more  power to  you because it shows that you are more on a healing path and you may not have as many deep issues within yourself to deal with.

Now, let me give another example, how about a Love situation… yes  everyone likes to do love candles don’t they??  Hence, the picture of the  Transformation and and Love and Healing candles here this is a good  combo to work with if  you want to work on the relationship you have with your partner…  especially if you are having  issues in the relationship  or perhaps you want to reconnect with your partner.  If this is the case burn the Transformation candle first then the  Love and Healing candles. Why?  Because if you think about it,  both  partners needs to do their own self transformation first. If both  partners are  making changes within themselves first then they will healthier  enough to express themselves each other which helps open doors easier to communicate more clearly with what they are both looking for in a relationship.  This helps both partners to have balance and not be as argumentative. It also helps being more considerate of one’s feelings and teaches both  partners how to compromise so the relationship works better in a more balanced way.

Now, if you are trying to move on from  your partner then yes you would burn your Love and Healing  candle first then your Transformation candle later.This would  be giving you closure to whatever it was that you had with your partner and  preparing yourself  for a new beginning and open the  doors for someone better to come along the way. In this case,  because there are 2 mini Love and Healing candles and 1 big transformation candle…  You would burn one mini Love and healing candle and then  go with the transformation candle… then go back and burn your last mini Love and healing candle. If you are trying to attract love after that, then I recommend the New Love candle after wards. Again I wait a bit and let this energy balance as candle magic can have lots of power and we want the universe to get everything balanced in your life with all that candle magic you put  out there before we welcome someone better to come along the way.

In any case, if you ever are confused  to what to get at my store or how to cast  something please just email me and explain your  scenario. Together as a team,  we can  help you get on that positive path! ūüôā
Be sure to visit my shop for the latest items so we can get you started!


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    You should try the cleansing candle then, it really gives that positive feeling and it feels great when it burns ūüôā

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