Breaking Your Karma Connections


Karma Candles at my shop has been a hit! I really  happy that  scent itself is new favorite. So how do Karma  candles work? These are  not return to sender for those that have harm you. I   don’t even do that kind of spell work. Besides  my magic  candles are for positive intentions only, for the good to not harm anyone.  Basically, the idea  of karma candles  is to  help you let go  of the past that seems to be haunting you. I am sure all of us have some kind of emotional baggage we revisit every now and then. Sometimes, we  wonder why we had to go through  the pain and  sometimes there is no direct answer to why  that event occurred.  Nevertheless, it is something we  must release  within our own self so we can  move forward with our own life.

In order to manifest what you want in your own life, breaking karma  connections  is key to helping you feel  better where you are at the present moment. That  doesn’t mean you forget what happened  or who was  involved. What  it does do  is  help you forgive yourself for putting yourself in that position and  also forgive people that were involved in the situation. For example, if you have a certain situation you can’t seem to let go, and it causes you  anger, sadness, pain every time you think about  it, then  try  this candle.  You may get moody and feel a release if you decide to add my banish oil on the candle,  but at the same time you will know  its working for you.  Making an energetic release is  suppose to be painful in some ways, the deeper the  issue is  within yourself the  harder  it is to release therefore size of the candle  does matter.  Deeper  issues requires  larger candles like at least 2×3 or 3×6 candle.  Minor  issues  can be done with smaller candles like votives. The key is to know yourself  about the situation trying to let go. be honest and  ask yourself,  how old is  this issue that seems to haunt you. How painful is it for you to let it go. If you’re always upset, angry just thinking about  it  no matter  how you try not look back,  get a  3×6  size Karma candle.  Simply because you can’t rush spell casting. People have the wrong  idea when they think casting spells  needs to be a rushed for results  to come faster. Not true!  You have to be patient with yourself to heal. All that pain wasn’t  done in  a day, it was years of  built up and  it  bigger candles going at a slower pace will help you release the energetic  little by little. This way its not overwhelming you to make changes within yourself. Don not rush  your transformation. Healing  takes time.

Here’s a  story I am going to share with you. I had a client who actually  did a karma candle  to try move on  from  a previous relationship.   She had been holding on the pain and suffering of  how  she  felt  that  no one could love her. She had given her all  to a man she thought was the one for 6 years.  After

years of no  contact,  she went through dating and still felt  she would not find the one and gave up dating all the way  around. Yet deep down that was  not what she wanted. She really wanted o be in a loving  relationship and be accepted. After main psychic reading consultations with her, I recommended  her the Karma Candle with the banish oil.   Lighting this candle made her realize her past relationship was haunting her and keeping her  from  living in the present moment.   While  there were some  painful moments, she  also   felt lighter after the  few weeks the candle was  finished. She started to forgive him and herself and came to  the conclusion that the relationship she  had back then worked for her at that time.

So what did this do for her? It made her realize she need to trust  people again but slowly. It wasn’t about dating right away  or trying to find the one immediately. If anything she started to  hangout  with new people and make new friends. Through those  connections, she started to build friendship with both men and women. For the first time, she actually started to have fun with male friends which help  built trust in  men again. In the end, one of her  male friends introduced  her to another male friend, and now slowly  she is taking it slow on the dating. I definitely  keeping her  in my prayers hoping  she  keeps that positive going in her life.

The main thing here is karma candles are  great because   you break the traditional way of doing things too. Sometimes when  you keep doing the same thing over and  over again, it can yield no results right? So Karma candles can help shed light to give you a new  perspective and new ideas to help you   do things differently that you normally  would.  My client in this case finally took the  plunge, to try spell casting. To her surprise, she was actually branching out and willing to try new things in her life that she normally would not do.  Karma candles just might be the key to opening new opportunities. you never know until you try it out for yourself.

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