How To Manifest Love

Can you  manifest a specific person when it comes to love?  The  simple answer is YES!  While people who have been  doing law of attraction debate on  this fact saying it may not be possible, I can  speak from experience  that  you can  manifest the  one you  set your  eyes  on.   But doing this is difficult.   Some people think its  impossible  and others may  call it as the only way this happens is if you manipulate  things in a certain way then the  person may come back. People seem  to want  guarantees  that   manifesting  love works ,  and  it does! Deep down   in your  soul, do you  believe it or is it just wishful thinking??   Learning to  define  the  difference  there will help set you on a better  course  to help you manifest that specific  person to come to  you.

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How To Use Happiness Spell Candle

Its been a while since I created  something new for my shop but after getting almost everything organized I am slowly getting  back into the rhythm  of  things with my shop.  So this time , I  took on  a  customer  requests  in making a brand new  candle.  This time I made a   Happiness Pillar Candle to add to my collection.  The  idea  of this candle  to bring  joy and happiness into your life.   Customers have been requesting  me to make a candle to help uplift their  mood.  Most of the time its hard  to focus on the positive  or  even manifest  positive outcomes when we are  not  feeling our best. So this candle  should help give release any stress  or enhance your moods.

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Is the Law of Attraction Real?

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Do you remember the  movie  “[easyazon_link identifier=”1582701709″ locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”psycjoel0f-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”y”]The Secret[/easyazon_link]”?  That’s  one of the most inspiring  movies I have seen in the spiritual sense and  it was also  what made me want to learn Law of Attraction in the first place. I figure  if there was some truth in  Law of Attraction. However, watching [easyazon_link identifier=”1582701709″ locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”psycjoel0f-20″ cart=”y” cloak=”y” localize=”y” popups=”y”]The Secret[/easyazon_link] movie  was not the key to manifesting what I wanted  in  life. For the last 3 years  I have read  a lot of  books related  and  used the  techniques in these  books  to  get to where  I am  today.  I know at first I thought Law of attraction was  just a phrase and  like others I also wondered if it actually  really worked. In fact I didn’t think it worked for me , until I took a more serious study on  it. Does Law of Attraction really work?  The short answer is YES.  Are  you  going to get your big  results in a matter  of weeks?  The answer is  most likely no because that  would not be  realistic to begin with.  What  you will discover is  what you truly  believe  affects the  reality you are living now.  Remember everyday, we live in the now but moment we live in is also a result of a  belief system we have in ourselves. It may sound silly at  first, (because I did think this LOA was  silly 3 years ago)  but once you  really learn the techniques of Law of Attraction, you can  manifest what you want and sometimes you get even more than what  you  wish for which is even a bigger blessing  in disguise!

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How To Manifest Psychic Predictions


Have  you ever  gotten a  psychic reading?  Do you  ever question  why  psychic predictions don’t seem  to manifest?  As  a psychic  medium I have  done  countless  readings  over the past 25 years and have seen clients feeling frustrated  by predictions not coming to pass.  However,  when  it comes to  getting a  psychic reading,  the purpose  of  the reading is to help  a client  have  clear  options so they  can make  well informed  decisions of what  works  best for them. Most clients  think  psychic  readings are  about just making   predictions ,  getting the  details of what will happen  in  future   but that is  far from what  real professional  psychics  really do.   A psychic  reading  is also  about  getting  trusted  advice from  your  advisor.  And its important look at the advice given and decide for yourself  if  it is fitting to your needs  of the situation  you have asked  about.

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