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Hi Everyone,
  I thought  I let everyone know that I have been busy in  trying to  find a  unique blog template that works for me. It  took me some time to  actually find a  template I actually liked. I did  think the Teddy and Bunny one I had was  very cute but I wanted to go  with a more beautiful yet professional  looking one, so I am in  mist of  keeping this  new template of a notepad on here. I love  the elegance it has where it has a nice  blend  of  colors and it seems easy to read too.  Since I am new to  blogging  its going to take me some more time for me to study on up on it  and tweak it the way I  feel will work for me as well look presentable too.  It’s be interesting in how I am learning the blog stuff but I do admit  that I starting to hang of it! This week I figured out  make my my own blog button, and thanks to my friend that made the cute little design! I just love it!!!
 Don’t worry I haven’t been slacking on the posts either.  I am  actually trying to have  multiple posts ready and lined up  so that you have  something to look forward for the week. My aim is to have at least 2-3 post  for the week.  So unless I get bogged down, this  blog  is going to be as active as it can be ūüôā
 A few  things to note here:

  First, thank you for those that all participated in my first give away, it  was a success! I   had  fun  hosting it and will continue to do more giveaways  on here.  The  winners have been  notified and prizes  were sent out this week to them! Speaking of giveaways, I want everyone to know that I have been asked to do a  few more giveaways with other people, so I am actually in the process  of working the  details  with them.  I  have one coming  up on a Facebook give away  next month.  So I need to get that sorted soon.
   I also going to be featured  in a blog but  I do have to work on the interview questions here and get it completed. Of course, there will be a give away there as well.  So  as you can see, there will be  plenty  more ways to enter, its just a matter of getting all this sorted out so I can  fill you in on the details in entering these lovely giveaways  I will be sponsoring.
 Another thing, I have been thinking about writing on some spiritual stuff.  One thing I do feel I will share is  articles on card  decks I have. I figure we all need a  bit of positive  in our life and I am actually  going to be doing that along with  keeping you updated on  my shop  creations and other things that iI am learning a long the way.  So  do stayed tuned for more info.
Oh yes, I am also part of two sampler websites as well so I am  busy with pushing out  these samples out for them. It’s also possible that I may have a 3rd sampler site I will be participating in but then again, only if time permits me too, so again it depends on fast I get all this stuff going on here… as you can see my  schedule is  quite busy but I am thrilled to see the interest in my  products for my shop.
 If you are blogger and you are interested in  swapping buttons  please let me know. Email me at psychicjoelle and I be happy to do a swap of buttons for free.

Again, thanks so much for being a supporter of my blog! Stay tuned  for more updates to come! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! ūüôā

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