Attract Money Now In 3 Simple Steps

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For the last few years, I have been studying the Law of Attraction in manifesting money and have found that the law of attraction does work.  Learning how to apply these techniques have helped me be a believer which now I am going to pass on my success to you so you can you can be more abundant in life.

Here are the  three following steps to help you along your path:

1.When it comes to money, have a set money goal in mind.  I am sure it be nice to make 1 million dollars, but realistically 1 million seems difficult to obtain in the beginning.  Most of us will be discouraged when thinking in big sums of money. This is because we do not know how in the world to achieve these goals. Therefore, try to go in increments of what you are making now.  For example, if you are only making $3,000/month, set a new goal of either $3500-$4000/month. Setting smaller money goals is much easier to believe in our mind. It doesn’t feel so far out of reach; therefore, we have more of a determination to try to reach our goals. Always try to start smaller in money goals because once you reach hit the goal then you can start manifesting the next money goal in mind.

  1. Have a Notebook ready and keep track of it. When you write about your money goals, write as if you already have this amount of money. You need to write about how you are going to manifest this money. Here are some sample questions to get you started: “What do you do with the money? Where does the money come from?? Are you getting   raise? Do you want a different job?   Are you self-employed and trying to gain new clients?? Do you want to be debt free?  How does it feel to have all this money?  What do you plan to do with the money after you receive it? “ You can also set goals to achieve like paying off credit card debt and go as far as describing how it feels to be debt free.  Try even setting a timing for paying debt off but be realistic about it. Obviously, it might be hard to pay your credit card debit in a month or two if you have huge credit card debit so again look at it in chunks and set a smaller goal. If you are doing credit card pay offs, I found that its more successful in writing that you can pay a credit card off by a certain time or write how it’s easy it is for you to make more than the minimum payment on your credit cards. As far as setting a timing to pay off a credit card bill, set a timing that is reasonable and feels easier to achieve. If you feel a good 6 months or 1 year or even 2 years is need to pay off your credit bills, then write exactly and be sure to add “or sooner “at the end of the statement.  By adding “or sooner to your statement, it can help the energy move in a good direction. I have found when I do this that sometimes things happen a bit faster for me and that is a good thing! It gives more motivation for us to continue the writing. The thing is you are creating your own reality and whatever you wish for can be yours. Remember money is energy and the more positive we feel about our money goals, the more we will believe and the more we are willing to effort to achieve our money goals.  Also try to write your money manifestations for at least 30 days and keep track of it. You will be surprised how much of it can manifest. Sometimes we don’t even notice how powerful our writing can be. The more you continue to write your manifestations, the more energy will be put into it, making you’re a money magnet.
  2. If thinking negatively is a habit of yours, I would suggest you invest your time in listening to attract money subliminal messaging videos. These can be found on YouTube easily. I recommend a YouTube channel called Vortex Success.  You will need headphones as its recommended. The best way to do use these videos is in conjunction to writing your manifestation.  I recommend you listening to a subliminal message video while writing about your money manifestations. It keeps your focused on your goals and gives you more room to dream bigger about the possible goals you have for yourself when it comes to attraction. With this combination, you will see even better results for yourself. It programs your mind to stay positive in the moment and over the course of time you will find you breaking your habit of thinking negativity and see more positive outlooks on your future money goals. As a result, you will also be able to attract more money into your life faster.


Always stay positive and never give up on your money goals. The more you practice writing your money manifestations the more powerful you become in drawing more abundance into your life!


Need some spiritual guidance in manifesting money. book a Psychic Session now for more clarity.

Need some spiritual guidance in manifesting money? Book a Psychic Session now for more clarity.

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