Are you ready to lose weight?

The one thing that most people want to do is  lose weight.  Since it is  the  New Year, I am  going to be writing a few  blog posts  to  give you an idea what I  have done  to lose that 60 pounds. It took a lot of hard work and when I  look  back at  what I have done for myself, not only  do I feel better,  I  believe in my own self and I  love how I  have changed. I am happy being me.  You would never guess its mean  at first  until you  take a  second look and I love how people do that because you just have to pay attention… ūüôā

 So my first tip  I am  going  to share with you today  is  Commitment! Yes,   I am sure there are  people that grunt at that word but its totally true. When I say  the word commitment  its not just about doing what you  need to do  to eat right, and exercise because  none of that matters  until  you decide that you want to make that  change  forever.   That’s right, its about doing this as a life style change.  No matter what happens in your  life,   you have to  keep at it and  find a  new way to a healthier  you.   Without you wanting  to keep at  it for life there is no point in even trying to start.   I have been there  myself where I decided  I was going to lose weight for years and every time I tried I would do it for a bit then get off track and  gain  it all back and then some lol.  But all those times, I did that I got bigger and realized I didnt want  to change myself yet. So I have to take full responsibility for my actions because its  my responsibility how I take care of myself and what  I  decide  to with my body.

No more excuses.  We know how we make excuses all the time. I know I did… many times for many years and it got me nowhere. Things like its too hard  or I cant because I have this to do and I have do  that… it doesnt work when we are looking for an excuse to get off track. It very easy to get off track when we first trying be healthier. So it’s important to make sure when you start making excuses that you need to remind yourself you are doing all this healthy stuff to have a healthier life style.

To really show you how serious I was,  I started my working out and dieting  in July  2011 and  to be honest, I wasn’t losing all that weight in July it looked like I barely  lost anything, even 10 pounds  was hard in the first month. I actually didnt  hit my goal and I was disappointed. So when August came around I  had to ask a friend of mine what I need to do… and her  advice was  the best advice  given to me and that was take it slow and do what I can handle. Don’t kill myself and try to push too hard  in diet and exercise.  I have learned that  my  body just adjust  in a few weeks it takes time.  So instead of rushing myself  in losing weight I took the steps to learn how  be healthier first! Without doing  this part,  its hard to get  anything else  going in weight loss.

When the end September rolled in  I was just happy I lost  8 pounds. That was the first time I saw results that year and I knew I had something that was working for me which I could manage.  But Then when October  came I lost another  8 lbs and that month my mom told me I was  beautiful  and she knew  in her heart I would reach my goal  in  losing weight… I talked about how  we were going to go shopping together once I shed a few more  pounds and she was happy.  But  guess what?  My mom  passed away  on Oct 30 and of course  I  was  really a mess.  I was telling myself  ok I need a break, my mom just passed.   But then I realized I was making excuses for myself.  So I remember my  commitment to myself  once again. This time I had set a date when I was getting back on track and I did just that. I stuck to it.  Any time I get off track  from my routine of working out and eating right I would say to myself, I would pick a date  get back on track.

As  you can see  life will always  throw  us  curve balls no matter what. Even with a family death, I didnt  stop taking care of myself. I might have a few breaks here and there but I always reminded myself  I need to take good care of me so I feel good  about who I am. It really does pay off in the end if you are really  ready to make that life style change for the better.


  1. Porsha Deun says:

    Commitment has definitely been my issue in the PAST when it came to loosing weight. I have found somethings that work for me that I feel are easy for me to do. My approach is completely different this time and I believe in myself more and am more committed to myself. Who knew that committing to yourself to be a better you could be so challenging??? You are right, life throws us curve balls all the time. That will never stop just because we are trying to achieve a goal. The satisfaction and pride of completing that goal despite any obstacles and excuses we may give ourselves is the real prize. Thanks for sharing. Would still like to do a feature of your weight loss story on my blog if you are game.

    Porsha Deun

  2. Joelle Chan says:

    yes completely understand that committing is definitely tough but i have worked hard to get to where I am now so after all this hard work I have to remind myself to main this weight loss because when we stop its hard to get back into it…

    I am still interested in being featured on your blog and tried to email you on the blog address provided but it bounced back… so just get a hold of me through email and we discuss how you want to feature me thanks ūüôā

  3. Sonya Kanelstrand says:

    Yup, life always throws us what you least expect but if you keep the attitude of a student and know that you are here to learn, then you see the unexpected as a treat. Thank you for dropping by Kanelstrand ūüôā

  4. Joelle Chan says:

    It was lovely visiting your blog ūüôā And youre right we can learn alot about ourselves if we are willing to be the student ūüôā

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