Are You Passionate Enough?

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This time I am  featured  in a  cute treasury!  Actually ,  I am part of the Kawaii Pop team and I am always amazed  how many cute items they have   on their team.  The reason I  joined their team  is because of the fact I pretty much like anything that is cute and there seems to be a  good amount of  people  that  like anime too so its even a bigger plus because I just love  anime.   Of the  collection  here,   I actually like the bunny  earrings , very cute.  I would buy those to  give to a little girl for her  birthday!   ūüôā   For a more  closer view of the  shop owners in this  treasury : Super Kawaii Pop

This time  my Passion candle  landed  in  the  treasury. So I figure I give  it a  brief description what  this candle can do.  When we  hear the word  passion, it  is probably  best associated  with  romance and intimacy and while this  candle can do those two things, it can also help  us  with self motivation.   How about getting passionate with your goals?   Push  yourself a bit ,  be your own inspiration!   Are you  excited  about the life you have around you?   If not , take a look at yourself  and ask your own self  what  would  inspire you to create  more wonderful things in your own world?   For me,  its  the fact I love what I make in my shop at Joie Joelle.  Sure, there are times that I take from my work at my store but I also know every  focus on my store pays off in the end.   What makes my  products even more magical is the fact I love making them. I kid you not, any time I make  something  whether its to list something  new coming up or to do an order,  I  have this really happy go luck feeling when I make  my products! I am happy and  having fun  overall, maybe that is why I  can feel a  touch of happiness in all of my products that I make.
On the  upside, I have  quite the determination in everything I do!  No matter how long  it takes me, I  work  hard at making the right product! I try not get frustrated with myself.  Sometimes it about putting down the product and telling myself, “Ok its not the right time to figure it out yet, I will  do this later!”  This way  I don’t get discouraged about  not being able to make a product.  I know that  in time whatever I am trying to make it will come to me. All it requires  is being patient and  give it time for the development of my line  of products to manifest.
Therefore,  there are moments I have used this passion candle for my shop.  I’ve used it to motivate myself in  not getting lazy about  making more items for my store.   I have also asked the candle to help me be more creative in  products  and I have also asked  this candle to help me be motivating  in putting items out there for  people to see what I am  about.  Whether its just listing an  item or promoting myself in different ways, I have  found  this candle has helped me discover  what I need to do  to grow my  business.  Without a business plan, I know I can get  stuck so its important  for to make sure  I stay on top  of  things so I can put the right energy out there for my store to succeed.  This candle has helped me with motivation , inspiration and  given me all sorts of ideas to help my business grow.
So if you need to push  yourself  a bit  further along with your goals or need find that inspiration in yourself try the Passion Candle. Of course I can  dress it up to spice things up in your love life too! It works both ways, just ask and you shall receive!


  1. Joelle Chan says:

    Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog hop and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be featured on your blog , it was a wonderful experience ūüôā

  2. Isobel Morrell says:

    As a fellow guest on Laurie, Kim and Sara's blog party, allow me to add my congrats for your Treasury feature too! Wish I could get my head round them: they are just a step too far for my old brain to cope with! Will be following you to see what the effect is … and hope to see you at sometime soon too. Alas, my first link went wrong! Hope to get it better soon!

    Nice to have met you!

  3. 2justByou says:

    Congrats on the feature! It's a lovely collection with so many great items!
    I'm a new follower! Thanks for joining the Meet & Greet Blog Hop. It's great to be here. =0)

  4. Ana says:

    Gorgeous treasury. Well done on being featured and all the very best of success to you. Stopping by from the meet and greet blog hop. Have a great Sunday x

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